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By Linda Sutter – January 27, 2023

If you were to go to a Board of Supervisors meeting and listen to the Director of Social Services you would think they are all that is good. Unfortunately, they could not be any further from the truth. 

Lila Honahni places kids in foster homes. She is known among several foster kids. Her reputation is that she threatens foster kids and places them outside the County of Del Norte.

One Foster Child at the age of 13 was placed in a home of Nigerians in Oakdale California which is approximately one hour from Modesto.  She was left alone by the Foster parents with two teenage boys 16 and 18. She claims she was raped by the 16 year old boy who was also from Crescent City. She was afraid to tell the Foster parents.  Additionally, when she alleges that when she discovered she had lice, Kerosene oil was dumped on her head instead of providing her with a treatment. She received burns.  After that she began to harm herself and the system placed her in a psychiatric hospital for 2 weeks. 

Britney Moore is another Social Worker who places kids in homes. Two Foster Kids were placed in the Foster home of a certain individual who allegedly made the kids sell Kratom. 

Kratom is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia. Consumption of its leaves produces both stimulant effects (in low doses) and sedative effects (in high doses), and can lead to psychotic symptoms, and psychological and physiological dependence.

If the Foster kids refused to sell or deliver the drugs the Foster Parent would call probation and create lies about them. The Foster parent is still fostering kids. 

Allegations of other Foster parents would simply abuse small children. One 65 year old woman who fostered different aged children placed a toddler in what she called “baby Jail.” if the baby/toddler begins to cry, the Foster parent would take a spray bottle and spray the kid in the face with water. 

Jessica Rotola is another Social Worker wonder. Ms. Rotola likes to threaten not only the kids on her caseload but people she doesn’t know through manipulation and contention tactics. Jessica Rotola  recognizes that the system is “broken,”  however she contributes to the broken system. 

One thing for sure, Brian Claypool, Esquire. is a civil right attorney as well as a defense attorney. He has won a case in Del Norte County in the past. I really don’t believe Del Norte County Foster Care Program wants him to dig into what is happening here, because quite frankly it would put a million dollar hole in Department of Social Services. 

There are numerous stories out there just like these. Same story different young face. It appears the Del Norte Foster Care Program is ruining lives. Taking children from one abusive household and placing them in another abusive household. We wonder why our youth is not thriving? Don’t have to look to far  to see the outcomes of destroyed lives.

  1. Nothing new, I grew up here in the hell that calls itself Social Services. The horrors my sister and I experienced in foster care could fill volumes and are too mortifying to tell here. The stories I continue to hear says all is well with what I call “Satans Services”. The majority of foster homes are demons answering to their fodder providers filling desks at social services. I was 10 when I realized it was far far better to be with the devil I knew rather than the devil I did not.

    1. My family were victims of that CPS/Social Services system in Crescent City, they took one of my son’s away from me when I refused to volunteerly give him to them to test if he would thrive better in a foster home. He was sick often since he was a baby due to allergies and been in the hospital for bronchial asthma that turned into pneumonia, he had to have allergy skin test to find out his allergies at Children’s Hospital when we lived in Los Angeles and his doctor told me if I didn’t move him out of the bad air in that city he would die, so I moved him up north to Crescent City when he was 4 and he didn’t get sick as often anymore but then one time when he was in Kindergarten he go real sick from some kind of allergic exposure at school and I had to keep him home from school and the school sent the school nurse to our home because he missed a few days of school and said if he doesn’t come back to school immediately she is calling Child Proactive Services on me and I told her she should talk to my son’s doctor and she said she didn’t care about that. She wouldn’t believe me about his illness nor cared what a doctor would say. So by the time he was 8 they finally called Child Proactive Services and long story short they got all kinds of test done on my son and their doctor put him on a gain weight diet which did not work, they sent him to a child psychologist who said my son was just fine, they put him in a foster home that abused him and then moved him to another one while insisting it was my fault for my sons problems but the doctor said it was not my fault, that he is allergic to lots of things which I eliminated when I found out what they were but then he would become allergic to something new as he grew older and he would would get sick from exposure to pollens in the air outside when he went to school and I got blamed for that too. As it turned out he did “Not” Thrive in the Foster Care system but Child Proactive Services told me if I didn’t sign away my rights to my son willingly then they would take me to court and have a judge force my rights away from me and that’s exactly what they did, Child Proactive Services simply told the judge about my son’s health problems and believed he won’t ever thrive with me ((even tho he wasn’t thriving in the Foster home either) and, well the judge ruled in favor of the Child Proactive Services people. I never got my son back but they let me keep my other 4 children. So ya see if I was such a bad mom then why did they not take my other kids away? Apparently my home was just fine for my other kids, I was not accused of any neglect or abuse, I believe that they just couldn’t allow themselves to be proven wrong so instead my little boy was their “guinea pig to test their theories on ” which only ruined that particular child’s life quit literally.

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