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By Donna Westfall – May 19, 2021

Daphne Cortese-Lambert is a force of nature. With her beautiful smile and wonderful attitude, she has helped organize and transform our area from trash back to treasure.

Daphne write, “Community means all people coming together to make a difference. Del Norte Mission Possible would like to thank the Solid Waste Management for believing that this mission is possible and contributing to this pilot project. We would also like to thank Wild Rivers Foundation, Humboldt Area Foundation and all of our amazing volunteers.”

“The garbage cleanup portion of the Shelter in Place Outreach was birthed out of an idea that came through listening to the needs of the population we serve. It resulted in integrated solutions that work! I had no idea how well it would work. The unhoused have collected over 19,000 pounds in 2 1/2 months. They are the solution to solving this long-standing problem.”

“The beautiful woods that are being cleaned up are very reflective of the very people that are cleaning them. Let me explain: Upon entering the camps, my heart could not help but be impacted by the sight of our beautiful natural resources being forgotten and trashed. It is important to note that not all of this garbage is left by the unhoused, but often those with homes use their camps as dump sites. Yet, what is even more impactful than the devastation, is the transformation; It is the sight of these woods being clean and back to their prestige state! Just like the woods… The people in the camps have been forgotten, but when we give them the tools their natural beauty starts to shine as they are restored to purpose. Thank you for giving Del Norte Mission Possible the opportunity to restore our greatest natural resources of both people and the environment. #DNMP

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  1. I commend Ms. Lambert-Cortese for her efforts to clean up the homeless camps. Many efforts to address the trash and waste left behind have been made before. I also recall the “pristine condition” statement used before, and it was not long before the “pristine condition” returned to “toxic dump”.

    I strongly encourage Ms. Cortese-Lambert to recruit elected’s to assist in these efforts so they might see firsthand. Maybe Senator McGuires next visit might be to help clean up the dumps. The horrors in these camps are unimaginable.

    The snake must be cut off at the head or it will continue to strike.

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