Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Crescent City – On Saturday, March 25th, along northbound Highway 101, beginning at Parkway Drive, you may have seen men and women wearing hardhats and vests. The Del Norte Republicans participated in a statewide effort to clean up California one segment at a time. The CalTrans sponsored event, Clean California Community – Spring into Action, encouraged groups and residents statewide to participate in cleaning their communities. Under the Adopt-a-Highway program, the Del Norte Republicans are responsible for keeping the segment along northbound Highway 101 between Parkway Dr and Highway 199 clean.

“Our committee cares about our community. Keeping our stretch of the highway trash free is one way to give back. Being part of the community is important, not just during election season. That’s why we, the Del Norte Republicans, have adopted one of the most littered segments in Del Norte County,” Karen Sanders, chairwoman of the Del Norte Republicans, said during the event.

The Del Norte Republicans are responsible for cleaning their section of Highway 101 about 6 times a year. They average 13 bags of trash each time. If you are interested in helping in the future, please go to their website at and click the “Volunteer” button.

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