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By Linda Sutter – November 19, 2021

Although the audience was few, we were mighty and our voices caused Public Health Officer Stutz to leave the meeting held Thursday, November 18th.

Dr. Stutz once again rambled on about wearing masks. He was literally laughed at by the audience of 15 and a zoom attendance of 45. Stutz seemed completely disconnected from our community, and had the audacity to say, “ it’s only a couple of games” when talking about shutting down sports. The crowd showed no mercy to his politically controlled agenda. One parent yelled out, “ it’s been two years!”

One lady described how a girl playing volleyball was forced to wear a mask begin to choke and then puked from lack of oxygen. Parents stood up telling horrific stories. Clearly, they could see Stutz indifference to the well-being of our children. Parents were even willing to jeopardize their own health by wearing mask at games if their kids could play sports without masks. But what does Stutz do? He leaves.

As we sit and listen to this twilight zone play out you can’t help but ponder, how did we get here. How did we allow our government this much control. One thing for sure the people who spoke out together we sent a message. NO MORE MASKS!!!

In numbers we have the strength to take back our county. If that means someone is fired or voted off a board we the people together WILL do it. Stay strong parents. Protect your most cherished thing God blessed you with. Your children.

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