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By Investigative Reporter – Linda Sutter – May 31, 2023

Trinity Williams is a sergeant at the Del Norte County Jail, but with a wink of an eye that all changed and she was booked into the Del Norte County Jail on May 26, 2023 and released at  12:34:56 May 27th, 2023. 

It is unfortunate to say, but in addiction classes the first thing you are taught about addictions is you know you have a problem when it affects your personal life. Whether at school, home or work the telltale sign is an arrest. 

The arresting agency for this case was CHP Officer Good must of had a reason to pull Ms. Williams over and the records show she blew a .08. We  all know that according to the Drivers Manual for the State of California that is considered legally drunk. However some people have a higher tolerance for drinking and may not know they are drunk. 

The very one thing that is concerning about this particular case is the fact that if you or I would have been arrested our mugshot would have been posted on the arrest log along with other factors. 

The Sheriff’s office decided not to treat one of their own in that fashion and made sure everything was kept on the downlow for Trinity Williams.  I can understand to a certain degree why that would be, but fair is fair. Just because you are an officer of the law does not preclude you from disparate treatment when you break the law. 

In the meantime, our sincere hope is that Ms. Williams seeks the help that she needs to overcome her addiction to alcohol or to overcome what ails her to drink.

  1. Mr. Crescent City Tums is well aware of the lack of due process in Del Norte’s Court system. Having heart-burn is just one consequence of our County’s two tier political and financial systems.
    Not sure why you care about my arrest’s, but both were dismissed without a single question being asked in the court house. Perhaps people should have this same concern with our school district’s poor learning scores, or the Board of Supervisors reckless spending of tax dollars. Too much tolerance is intolerable!
    You’ll likely see more mug shot’s of myself as I refuse to let local tycoons influence law-enforcement as their personal mafia. The rich continue to get richer, the poor taxed and drugged.
    As to the revolving door at the Sherrif’s department, only ignorance would deny the systemic crime and justice system abuse that benefit lawyers who capitalize off the misfortune of others.
    The good ol boys of Del Norte County continue amassing properties, while homelessness skyrockets.
    Good thing we have GOVERNMENT, they’ll solve all our problems by labeling everyone “mentally ill.”
    Mentally ill or ignorant, what’s the difference?
    Shut up, get in line, take your shot, have some medication assisted treatment, and most importantly “PAY THE MAN.”
    Go Del Norte!

  2. Likely to see more mugshots of myself.
    Not my fault the criminal justice system promotes lawlessness with misdirected law enforcement officers, corrupt and criminal lawyers, compromised judges, and open prison doors.
    After my sister evicted me on Tuesday from the house my father built, I walked through Lawyer Mavris’ transient property bordering the high school on Harding. The transients brandished a machete
    and said they were going to “take me down for crossing their trail. I waited for cops on the sidewalk, and they arrested me for tripping over the homeless makeshift security wire.
    I’m sure we’ll be good neighbors!
    Maybe Crescentcity.tums can control your antacid and provide ONE good statistic about Del Norte County.
    And, close the high school fence gates that access pedophile camps.
    Sorry, don’t have much time to type. Gotta Run.

  3. Yes Linda, every one should be treated the same how ever I was not a deputy harassed me for years, I complained he continued, so law personal is treated one way the public is treated another way.

  4. I have an incident that will give you heartburn Mr. CrescentCityTUMS.
    It’s given me a headache!
    Saturday August 5th at the Del Norte County Fair I was enjoying a beautiful Crescent City day. Arriving early to watch some of the County’s hardest working and committed kids tend to their livestock. I went for a quick bike ride to the Harbor to try to find some vegetables at the Farmers Market. Then, a little volunteering and providing limited assistance in prepping for the Livestock Auction to be held the following day. Rodeo started at 4:00 and provided good entertainment on the windless sunny day.
    Sitting, watching the rodeo I received a VIP pass from an anonymous and friendly attendee. That’s when my days good fortune turned into my days demise. As I enjoyed some free snacks and overpaid for a couple of beers, I was confronted by Mr. Herk Sturdevant. He accused me of “hitting on his wife” and said “it would be better for him if I was.”
    Slightly disgusted, I dismissed myself and went back to my seat to watch the end of the Rodeo. Only one adult participant rode a bull 8 seconds, and the barrel racing was the highlight of the show.
    After the rodeo, I decided to vocalize some of my recent grievances. I started with my brother-in-law, making a spectacle as I questioned his pristine work gloves, and his family’s slanderous family gossip. Not shy of criticizing, I stood on my truck camper for optimal public viewing. As I was making an ASS of both of us, Jay-tuck asked me to stop and come down from my truck. I was glad he did.
    I got down from my truck and asked my long time friend, “why he kicked me out of the 2 X 2 Tolowa Tribal meeting with the County on May 15th.” That discussion ended with me questioning if WE were really friends and I walked away.
    Then, as if I couldn’t have timed it any better, here walks Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Darrin Short. I V-lined to Mr. Short and began questioning him on his failed leadership and adoption of degrading political policies. The social service system he is budgeting, his driving of an emergency vehicle, his three minute stop watch monitoring, and his lack of positive actions. Like a deer in the headlights, Mr. Short couldn’t justify anything, didn’t answer if he was drinking while on call, and complained my discussion was “why people don’t run for office.”

    California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrived on seen to interrupt the important discussion, question witnesses, and sent everyone on their way to resume the night. I spent the next hour visiting with friends, enjoying more local music, and another award-winning beer produced by Port O Pints.

    After an eventful day, it was time to go.

    And then it wasn’t! As I walked out of the beer booth, I see Mr. Sturdevant. He explained to me “he wasn’t serious about what he said earlier in the day.” I told him, “He was disrespectful to me, but mainly to his wife for his comments.” He didn’t like that I wouldn’t accept his apology, and I walked away. I remember walking past the BMX jumps, the livestock barns, and then the -DEL NORTE COUNTY JAIL.

    Mr. Sturdevant, a retired correctional officer with years of experience in detaining California’s most violent criminals claims he hit me in self-defense. While I was prepared to have some lively debate, Mr. Sturdevant was the one looking for a fight. I have filed assault charges on Mr. Sturdevant, and it will be up to the DA to investigate further. Eye-witness reports suggest I was unconscious for about 7 minutes. Some report’s claim “there was serious concern.” I don’t remember!

    What I do know is:

    NO medical attention was provided.
    My assailant was not questioned the night of the altercation.
    Mr. Darrin Short was the emergency response leader on scene while I was unconscious.
    And, I didn’t get beat up again while making new acquaintances in the County Jail.

    1. Dear Mr. Bieber,
      I witnessed your drunken spectacle as I was getting into my car with my daughter. You were extremely intoxicated and making a scene and you were provoking Mr. Sterdevent. You were in his face and he asked you SEVERAL times to please back up and leave him alone. You continued antagonizing him. All parents of children participating in the livestock show are required to sign a contract with the fairgrounds agreeing to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. You were definitely NOT behaving in such a manner.
      The reason you were knocked out for 7 minutes is because you were extremely intoxicated. You were laying on the ground behind my car and you were snoring as your friends tried to wake you up. You also don’t remember what happened because you were so drunk.
      As a 4-H leader and mother, I was disappointed that my daughter had to witness your behavior.

    2. So how about that 10am trespassing arrest yesterday? I’m sure it’s still not your fault right? Seems you are frequently in custody based on the booking photo being old….

  5. I can’t wait for the day Linda Sutter makes a mistake and the community berates her in the same way, she’s done to this poor woman. We’ve all made this kind of mistake at one point or another in our lives, some of us were simply lucky enough to not get caught & learned our lesson soon after but having a microscope under us doesn’t help resolve it. I doubt she has any type of drinking problem but after what Linda Sutter has done, she may have one now. Linda Sutter has a reckless, ignorant perspective that causes her to displace her own aggressions onto others she sees as a weaker target. This is what bully’s do. When they don’t get their way in their personal lives, they choose to transpose their anger into others. Pls don’t read anything this so-called “investigative reporter” writes. She needs therapy, enlightenment, good role models & a hug. Not for people to read her distorted internal defense mechanisms.

    1. George, George, George what can I say?

      First and Foremost as a previous officer in law enforcement, we are held to a higher standard and that means we have to walk the walk. Bringing shame and embarrassment to the sheriffs department through negligent actions should not be discounted. Additionally, George, would you be surprised to learn that Trinity Williams just received her 2nd DUI? So yes, she has a serious problem and should not get preferential treatment because she wears stripes and a uniform. If any of us got pulled over, we would be booked and not released until sober. this is her second incident within 2 months.

      I was informed by the public regarding this issue. It needs to be addressed and brought to light, not covering it up as you would like. As far as stating I’m the one driving her to drinking. That is laughable.
      She’s done her addictive behavior all by herself. As far as pleading with the public to ostracize me because of the work I do that too is laughable.
      And since you believe you are a magic therapist, I suggest you take some remedial training in psychology. It’s people like you who are ok with the corruption of our community that hinders the ability to clean the barn of the rancid shit that contributes to the corruption. I believe you fit that category.

      1. Key words here are PREVIOUS lol we all know you got walked off the job. Where’s the profile on the Beibs?! He was just a resident last weekend and a vocal public figure!

        1. Sorry to say cell warrior, You are inaccurate to boast I was walked off from my job. I retired with a SERVICE retirement. I have a badge, my ID and pension. If I was walked off I would not have any of those things….sooo, before you attempt to slander me anymore, why don’t you reveal who you are..scared?

        2. by the way you want and let me understand, you want someone to report on a civilian who was assaulted instead of a woman who is a sergeant for the Sheriff’s department, a law enforcement entity? Uh, how is that newsworthy? Now that is a typical uneducated response from someone who thinks it is ok for a sworn peace officer to go out, get intoxicated, drive a car, get arrested twice for DUI. I guess it is ok if she hits a car under the influence and kills someone. Afterall, she still has her license.

          1. LOL we’ll see how it shakes out with the investigation. The citizen is a “reporter” who purposefully makes himself a public figure and rants on the importance of accountability on a biweekly basis. For someone who touts personal responsibility, he sure has an excuse for all his arrests. Lol his mugshot is even out of date, how many times has the dude been booked and how much taxpayer money has been wasted?


    1. That’s right Mike. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. That’s the only way we learn. If you don’t learn at least one thing in a day about a person, place or thing, consider yourself dead.

  7. I agree she should have been treated just like everyone else. I have seen mug shots of corrections officers.

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