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By Linda Sutter – December 26, 2021

Please I am asking the public to pay attention. In June of 2022 an election will be held. If you have any desire to run for sheriff please consider this.

Randy Waltz has made it abundantly clear he likes to “lay low.” Keep a low profile. If you want to keep a low profile then maybe you shouldn’t be in the position you are in.

When a mother calls me, not the Sheriffs Office and informs me her 13 year old daughter was raped and Deputy Stefanie Gullick refused to order a rape kit to be conducted, we have a problem. What does the Del Norte Sheriff do?

They post pictures of her handing bikes out to kids for Christmas. Doesn’t that make you warm and fuzzy? She won’t protect the kids but she will give them bicycles.

On Thanksgiving day I personally called sheriff office to report a crime against me. Deputy Sloan took my call and said she would investigate it and get back to me. That never happened so on Christmas Eve I called the sheriff department to follow up. She did not write a report nor submit a report and didn’t even understand Penal Code 653.2 doxing. In the meantime my dog was poisoned and a parolee of PBSP (EME) made contact with me. Are you kidding me?

Although doxing is just a misdemeanor a cop should have taken five minutes of her time to write a report. Dereliction of duty and complete negligence. Let me remind all of you our hard earned tax dollars pay their wages. If you continue to be lackadaisical about your job promoting unsafe conditions for our community where does that leave us?

In the meantime deputy Sloan, going on vacation, getting sick, going on your regular days off doesn’t justify why you are incapable of doing your job. As for Deputy Gullick who suddenly becomes the poster girl for Del Norte Sheriff office you are a serious liability to this county. If this county fails to protect 13 year olds from rape they will be able to sue you.

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