Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

     Rubber stamping at it’s finest.  

     Increase rates?  Sure. . .  vote 5 to nothing to approve.    

     Increase salaries?  Absolutely.  5% step up. Approved 5 to nothing.

     Want to know who to thank?  Supervisors Leslie McNamer, and Martha McClure.  City Councilwomen Kathrine Murray and Kelly Schellong.  Public member, Sarah Samples.  All called Commissioners when they sit on the dais and collect their $375 for the month for their 1 hour long meeting, which usually runs to 90 minutes. Wednesday’s meeting, May 11th started late and ended early.  Held at the Board of Supervisors room in the Flynn Building on the corner of "H" and 9th Streets.

     Their goals are all wrong.  They are not getting the message sent loud and clear.  Definite disconnect. The important thing they forgot about was the public.  The same public that’s loosing homes to foreclosures, can’t afford meds and some who no longer have a food budget.  The same public that’s unemployed and wondering how they’re going to pay the electricity, water and sewer bills this month.  

     And, somehow, these Commissionsers continue to collect their $300 a month whether or not they attend a meeting…. and another $75 when they do attend a meeting.  


     DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM?   Sure you do.  The question is;  why don’t they? 



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