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By Del Norte Patriot – July 17, 2021

It wasn’t enough they slammed the doors in our faces with a 4:00 voicemail on Sunday, March 14th, 2020 to abruptly inform every Del Norte household that the schools will be shut down indefinitely due to the “Plandemic”. Throughout the Covid debacle, they denied our children access to their services, their friends, social-emotional connections, extra-curricular activities, sense of community and belonging to the ONLY thing they have known since Preschool. This NEVER had to be done. In fact, it’s been scientifically and factually proven children were never HIGH risk; they are not carriers, let alone a factor in the Death Toll. Kind of like the Cold or Flu, on account of which 100s of millions of children and babies trek through every year. 

These people are supposed to be the educated ones and yet they have proven to be intellectually dishonest. There may be a handful of good teachers, but where are they?!? Do they stand up against the grain and speak up against this tyrannical take over?? No. Not one. Why? Are they scared they’ll get fired?  They can’t get fired with tenure. So what are they afraid of? They may be nixed from the next Christmas Party Soirée? The fact is, they don’t care about the kids. They only genuflect to their god – their Democratically funded Unions who are doling out radical indoctrination and brainwashing of Marxism. They used our kids to protest in THEIR favor for an incognito Marxist Manifesto – #REDFORED… Remember that? This is another HUGE Constitutional violation of our children and families. Why?  Teachers are not allowed to promote any political ideologue or campaign on public school grounds. But guess what? They did it anyway. They even encouraged kids to skip school – ditch learning – who cares about learning – to fight for their raise… a month later, the Covid came knocking. CDC told them what to do and without hesitation, they were in lockstep with Big Brother, not the students. They left our kids without a trace. They didn’t even have the decency or consideration to give families a 3-day grace period to pick up their personal belongings.

This betrayal of the system is what parents learned in the last 18 months. Many realize they can do this on their own. They don’t NEED the school district. So what’s that mean? This means lower enrollment which is less ADA money for the Administrative beast. This makes them angry.  So without skipping a beat, and proving their complete disregard and actual disdain for their constituents and students, they have quickly gone to a few Close Sessions to whip up a way to take more money from the taxpayer by proposing ANOTHER Bond for the 2022 Midterm Election – this time for a whopping $47 Million!  Which by the way, the 2008 $25 Million Bond is still being spent. They are also spending more taxpayer money, right now, from the General Fund to buy a building…wait for it… for Health and Human Services! What the hell does his have to do with education? It doesn’t. I haven’t even gotten into their curriculum which is purely Indoctrination of Marxism, Critical Race Theory, the wonders of Transgenderism and the evils of Capitalism. 

The Indoctrination is going on in the classroom. And that is where we have the LEAST influence. Marxism in America is alive and well. It is here in DNUSD. You should know how DNUSD operates by now. If you call to speak to Student Services or the Super, blah blah blah – you’re wasting your time. They will tell you it’s not happening here, but it is. They aren’t going to tell you what they are doing to promote Woke Ideology – they are just doing it. You aren’t allowed to go in the classroom because they are playing the Covid card to the Nth degree just to keep you OUT. They don’t send kids home with any homework. It’s a perfect scenario to push their agenda because you are out of the picture. They just want us for our Tax money – vote for this Bond and STHU (Shut The Hell Up)- Taxation without Representation!

This isn’t what we pay for!  It’s about DAMN Time Del Norte residents STAND UP! Don’t be afraid to speak up for your kids because they are voiceless and they rely on YOU! The longer you wait on the sidelines and don’t hold your schools accountable; it gives these guys more time to dictate to your child’s physical, mental and emotional health. Teachers don’t work for the school board or the district, they work to mold the next generation of Patriots. DNUSD… This isn’t over. We are just getting started. You’ve been put on Notice!

Del Norte Patriot

4 thoughts on “Del Norte Unified School District. Times Up!”
  1. I second that.. Now we just need to get more parents to unite and speak up and put the board and district in its place.

  2. Well put. I think everyone in the county should read AOA’s response to this article.

    I am following suit and plan to homeschool my child.

    Don’t give them your money. Don’t give them your time. Don’t give them your child’s mind.

    1. Thank you for the kind words “Interrupting Cow.” You might find my earlier articles in the Crescent City Times helpful. “Defund Our Public Schools,” published August 15th 2020, and “Back to School” published on September 17th of 2020 provide the atrocious academic scores of the Del Norte County Unified School District and abysmal ratings of our public schools both in California and Nationwide. They also list a number of valuable resources for home schooling.

      I do not accuse our local board of education, school administrators and teachers of incompetence; but of wanton cruelty. It is cruelty to deprive our children of an education, and send them out into the world without the ability to read, write, comprehend and perform basic math skills; or the fundamentals of logic in order to reason and think independently. To substitute these basic necessary skills with fairy-tale expectations, phony excuses for every personal failing, a chip on their shoulders, and the religion of envy, which is the heart of Marxism, amounts to premeditated and inexcusable cruelty. Add to that the irreversible damage done by the LGBTQ agenda mandated in the California educational curriculum. Teaching a young girl, who still believes the Tooth-Fairy and Santa Claus are real, that she is actually a boy is insanity of the highest order. To provide indoctrination, counseling, hormonal treatment and the surgical means to “make the transition,” and remove the child from their home if parents disagree, is nothing less than a crime against humanity.

      Any parent who truly loves their children will provide home schooling, or take the time to either find or establish alternative classroom environments. Though, I have come to wonder if there are many parents left in this community that even “like” their kids. It appears that most will choose any option as a preference over their children’s company; even if that sole option is the Del Norte County Unified School District.

  3. This closure of the Del Norte County Unified School District (DNCUSD) is a blessing in disguise. The children of Del Norte County have been deprived of an education for years, with English literacy and math scores that are far below the national average. What serves for “education” is now Marxist indoctrination. The parents and children of Del Norte are better off without the services of the DNCUSD, and should make adjustments in order to shed our community of this counterproductive institution permanently.

    Parents can home school via the internet at a variety of reasonably priced high quality online schools. If they work, then they can co-op with other parents of like mind to establish one-room school houses to educate their children. Indeed, if the schools are totally closed down, then classrooms can be rented or leased by co-op, private, or non-profit schools that actually focus on teaching the basics. The communists can have their own schools that carry on the traditions of the DNCUSD. Perhaps a few of the classrooms can be designated as the Chairman Mao Academy of Anti-Capitalist Cultural Revolution.

    What we must demand at this crucial time in history is that the School Board and every school administrator and teacher be terminated, permanently, without pay. Custodians, janitors and grounds keepers can be retained to care for the buildings until they can be converted into functional educational space. Parents can volunteer or hire supervisors for extra-curricular and social activities. What is important is the complete elimination of what has become the most costly and destructive institution in Del Norte County.

    Parents should abandon our existing PTA and form a new one. Establish weekly meetings at the Fairgrounds or elsewhere to form makeshift schools and establish a voting block to fire every Marxist administrator and teacher in the County. Those with a proven track-record of academic accomplishment as a teacher might be hired by one of the many small schools that pop-up. Our community communists can hire the rest to propagandize and sexually confuse their kids on their own dime.

    The Schools have been closed! Let’s finish the job and get on with our lives. We will be better off without them!

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