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CREDIT TO SECURE ARKANSAS, A Grassroots Organization

Delta Dental often comes to mind when dental plans are mentioned… but how much do we REALLY know about this organization and what they’re doing… besides paying dental claims?  Well, just follow the money!

This past Monday, Nov. 2, 2015, Secure Arkansas attended an Administrative Hearing conducted in Little Rock by the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) whose aim, in part, was to force water districts to adhere to the water fluoridation mandate. As many of you know, we strongly oppose water fluoridation! This Administrative Hearing was recorded and will be sent out to our readers in the near future, so there will be a Part 2 of this article.  The web of deceit and duplicity of board members throughout the Delta Dental entities are very tightly woven, so be sure to click on all of the links provided.

We were all in shock when we learned that a Delta Dental representative, (Ebb)  Weldon Johnson from Texarkana, would be called as a witness for the ADH to try to bully a water operator into signing the Delta Dental contract. For a contract to be legally binding or valid, an agreement must be formed between two parties. Any contract that lacks an agreement between the two parties is NOT VALID. A water district cannot be forced to sign any contract with which they don’t agree, due to threats by any individual, group, or government agency.

We decided to do some more checking on Delta Dental and Weldon Johnson, and this article shows what we found.

Below are Mr. (Ebb) Weldon Johnson’s titles and affiliations, and we have included Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin, also, because he kept showing up on the board of the Delta Dental entities. The mayor is listed as Director of Omega Administrators in items 4 through 14 and items 17 through 20 below.

Delta Dental has a vast source of money available to promote their fluoride propaganda.  For instance, Delta Dental Plan of Arkansas transferred $3,443,301 to the Delta Dental Foundation of Arkansas – a foundation which makes the grants available for water fluoridation and/or start-up fluoridation costs.  (This information came from the IRS 990 filings shown below.) Omega Administrators, Inc. also funds Delta Dental of Arkansas Political Action Committee (PAC).   Omega Administrators, Inc. is owned and controlled by Delta Dental, and it appears to be a front company used for money laundering.  Omega Administrators, Inc. has been organized at one time or another in most of the 50 states and has been transferring money from one entity to another. (This is what is called money laundering and is done to hide the identity as to where the money originated and to where it was transferred.)

In the 2014 election, Delta Dental contributed large sums of money to the governor and legislative candidates for their campaign funds. Some of these legislators just happen to be on the Arkansas Health, Welfare and Labor Committee – a committee that deals with bills which come from the House or Senate and involve public health issues, including water fluoridation. When it came time to vote on the Fluoride Local Control bill (HB1355), “the fix was in”. At least three of the committee members received $1,000 or more from Arkansas Dental PAC. Do you think this helped to persuade the committee members to vote against (Nay) the Fluoride Local Control Bill? YES!  We believe so. This is bribery and against the law.  We have not forgotten who participated in the fluoridation of Arkansas’ water!

Everyone who is participating in administering toxic fluoride needs to be brought up on charges.

The Constitution of the State of Arkansas of 1874 addresses bribery of members of General Assembly or state officer from page 10 and 15:

§ 9. Persons convicted ineligible.

No person hereafter convicted of embezzlement of public money, bribery, forgery or other infamous crime, shall be eligible to the General Assembly or capable of holding any office of trust or profit in this State.

§ 35. Bribery of member of General Assembly or state officer.

Any person who shall, directly or indirectly, offer, give, or promise any money, or thing of value, testimonial, privilege or personal advantage to any executive or judicial officer, or member of the General Assembly; and any such executive or judicial officer, or member of the General Assembly, who shall receive or consent to receive any such consideration, either directly or  indirectly, to influence his action in the performance or non performance of his public or official duty, shall be guilty of a felony, and be punished accordingly.

The following list shows the corporate positions that Weldon Johnson holds within the Delta Dental companies and affiliates (and how he bullies or perhaps bribes the legislators, water operators, and government agencies into poisoning our public water supplies. Remember at the hearing Monday, Nov. 2nd, it came up that Delta Dental has the megabucks to force fluoridation onto people – whether they want it or not):

Weldon Johnson’s Delta Dental and Affiliate Official position

  1. Chairman of Delta Dental Plan of Arkansas

  2. Vice Chairman of Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation

  3. Delta Dental Treasurer – was there to see that Madison County signs a 10-year contract with Delta Dental for funding to install the equipment that would be needed to poison the public with toxic chemicals, including fluoride. (More to report later.)

  4. Director of KWJ Construction Services, Inc. (Texas Corporation)

  5. Director of Renaissance Health Service Corporation (formerly Delta Health Plan, Inc.) Click here for the 2013 IRS 990 Filing for this organization.

  6. Director of Omega Administrators, Inc (Alaska)

  7. Director of Omega Administrators, Inc  (Arkansas) – Main Office is located in Arkansas

  8. Director of Omega Administrators, Inc   (Arizona)

  9. Director/Treasurer of Omega Administrators, Inc (Connecticut)

  10. Director/Treasurer of Omega Administrators, Inc. (Kentucky)

  11. Director of Omega Administrators, Inc (Louisiana)

  12. Director of Omega Administrators, Inc (Massachusetts)

  13. Director of Omega Administrators, Inc (Mississippi)

  14. Treasurer of Omega Administrators, Inc, (Nevada)

  15. Director of Omega Administrators, Inc (New Mexico)

  16. Director of Omega Administrators, Inc, (Rhode Island)

  17. Treasurer of Omega Administrators, Inc (South Dakota) – Status now INACTIVE per Arkansas SOS

  18. Director of Omega Administrators, Inc (Vermont)  – Status now Withdrawn  per SOS

  19. Director of Omega Administrators, Inc (Virginia) – The 2013 Annual Report filed with VA

  20. Former Director of  Omega Administrators, Inc, (Washington)

  21. Director/Treasurer of Omega Administrators, Inc (West Virginia)

  22. Director/Treasurer of Omega Administrators, Inc (Wyoming)

Weldon Johnson is also listed on the Arkansas Secretary of State Site as a Registered Agent of the following corporations:


















Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation  (Here is the IRS 990PF 2013 Filing)


Delta Dental Plan of Arkansas, Inc.,  (Here is the IRS 990 2013 Filing)

Officers  (compensation listed below is for year 2013)

  • Ed Choate – President & CEO – – Compensation $585,668

  • Physis Rogers – Senior VP & CFO – – Compensation $329,818

  • Lynn Harbert  – Senior CP & CDO – Compensation $309,082

  • Dr. Herman Hurd VP Professional Relations –  – Compensation $262,523

  • Allen Moore VP Information Technology – Compensation $239,940

  • Melissa Masingill VP Public Affairs – Compensation  $176,934

  • James Johnson VP Marketing – Compensation $$176,446

  • James Couch VP & General Counsel – Compensation $176,446

  • David Brockman Dental Consultant $170,918

  • Louis Crow Dental Consultant – Compensation $150,409

  • Christa Pittman Director of Sales – Compensation $140,589

  • Maxine Fricioni Director, Projects & Business Processes – Compensation $125,365

  • Jay Reavis VP Sales and Account Management $77,424

Welton Johnson Jr., Chairman – Total Compensation:  $30,400 (just for serving on that one board.  In most cases, people are paid for each board on which they serve.) – Appeared as a witness for the Arkansas State Board of Health at the November 2, 2015 Administrative Hearing.

The following was captured from the IRS 990 filing for Delta Dental Plan of Arkansas:

Delta Dental annually donates more than $500,000 to fund charity dental clinics throughout the state, purchase water fluoridation equipment for community water systems, endow scholarships for dentists, hygienists and dental assistants and provide oral health education to thousands of elementary school children.

Delta Dental Plan of Arkansas provided the following grants of over $100,000 to:

  • Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation of Arkansas:  $3,433,301

  • USMS Foundation:  $200,000

Delta Dental Plan Political Action Committee (PAC)


The following is from the Arkansas Secretary of State site:

Ed Choate is also the Registered Agent (RA) of the following Arkansas Corporations, which are Delta Dental companies and/or affiliates:







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