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The Democratic Party is lying to you about Measure A. In their Triplicate ad (Oct. 20th) they make claims that are little more than public relations rhetoric and not based in reality.  Let’s take it apart sentence by sentence.

“For 40 years, water fluoridation has been helping to prevent our city’s residents from cavities and dental pain.” It’s been 44 years. And without the before and after figures it’s a lie to make this claim. Yet in the title of the ad they ask you to base your decision on facts not fear-based misinformation. I think the first sentence qualifies as fear-based misinformation.

“Fluoride has been carefully studied in thousands of scientific studies for more than 70 years and found to be safe and effective.” This is one the pro-fluoridationist’s biggest lies. They have NO studies on our fluoridation chemical, hydrofluosilicic acid, showing it is safe and effective. None. Zero. Nada. That’s according the EPA, the FDA, and the NSF. If they have so many studies and are so sure it’s safe, why have they refused every offer, both this year and in 2010, to have a public debate?

“Fluoride exists naturally in every water source everywhere.” Yes, “fluoride” exists naturally in water. At very low levels and is usually bonded to calcium, a natural fluoride antidote. But we are not putting calcium fluoride in our drinking water, we are putting a very unnatural and man-made toxic waste byproduct into our water and some people are calling it simply “fluoride” to confuse you. Our unnatural fluoride is called hydrofluosilicic acid, (HFSA) and is made by boiling phosphate rock in sulfuric acid and capturing the vapors, liquefying it, and adding it to our water and calling “safe.” One of the main contaminants is arsenic. Phosphate rock also contains radioactive particles.

“Water fluoridation makes sure it’s set at the most effective level.” There is no effective level for toxic waste. Any fluoride in water, before fluoridation, was considered a contaminant and toxic. Until the big propaganda movement, by our own government, to brainwash people into accepting the addition of what everyone knew to be toxic, fluoride in the water was not desirable. It was considered something to be REMOVED from the water.

“A 2010 study confirmed that mixing fluoridated water with baby formula is perfectly safe.” Well I certainly could not find such a study, so  is it was probably paid for by the industry to combat the press release in 2006 when the CDC said that baby’s formula should not be mixed with fluoridated water because of the epidemic of fluorosis in children, caused by ingesting too much fluoride. Since babies don’t even have teeth, and the CDC also says fluoride works topically AFTER the teeth have erupted, putting fluoride into a small baby’s body is doing nothing but poisoning him/her. This is a very harmful statement and the Triplicate has yet to respond to my request to follow up on the facts of this ad.

“The national Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) says water fluoridation is “one of the ten greatest public health achievements.” Okay, one more time: this was not written by a scientist or anyone who knows anything about fluoridation. It was written by a public relations man writing a press release. That’s not verification of anything except this man knew how to write an attention getting headline.

“And more than 100 national and international health organizations recognize the benefits of fluoridation, including National Head Start Association, the American Dental Association, the National Kidney Association, and the American Nurses Association.” The National Kidney Foundation has removed their endorsement, and many of the agencies that are being claimed as endorsing fluoridation have either removed their endorsement or remaining neutral.  But the endorsements themselves are worthless when based on the same lies and misinformation as the Democratic Party. (See “Beware of ‘prestigious’ organizations that endorse HFSA/fluoride, published October 23, ‘2012 in this publication”.)

Bottom line, when all you have is lies, it’s best to keep quiet rather than spread harmful lies, as the Democratic Party has done with this ad. Thanks to the Democratic Party of Del Norte County, young mothers are going to be fooled into thinking it’s okay to mix fluoridated water with their baby formula. The Triplicate is as irresponsible because the editor of the Triplicate, who even wrote an editorial about fact checking political ads, has been informed of the error and has not corrected it, to my knowledge.

Just so you know, the recommendations by the Democratic Party of Del Norte to oppose Measure A are made without research. Unfortunately, our local D’s are in-pocket with some low information non-thinkers who have a personal agenda. That’s not the best way to run anything, much less a county or city, or country. Debra Brohner, has no time, she says, to research these things. Maybe she should retire.

Vote YES on Measure A.  Be assured of drinking and bathing in safe water by getting the HFSA out until our supplier UNIVAR (formerly Basic Chemical Solutions) will provide toxicological reports, a listing of contaminants and proof their product is safe for all water consumers.


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