Sun. May 19th, 2024

By Act for America – May 15, 2024

We’re witnessing a resurgence of chaos akin to the BLM-ANTIFA riots. Despite rhetoric about the sanctity of free speech and assembly, we’ve seen a grotesque abuse of these rights. BLM’s supposed exercise of liberties was marred by words of violence like “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon,” and “peaceful marches” descended into barbarism, leaving $2B in destruction in their wake. Elected officials stood by as city mayors ordered law enforcement to stand down, allowing rampant criminality to reign unchecked. This cancer has spread to our institutions of higher learning, the likes we have never seen before.

Students, professors, faculty, and paid agitators are calling for blood! Help us deport VISA holders!

Real lives are at stake if we don’t take decisive action to extinguish this raging fire across our nation. As frustration mounts, radicals may incite a wave of violence akin to the terrorist attacks witnessed in Europe claiming hundreds of lives. Let that sink in!

When foreign VISA holders arrive in America and engage in hate speech, incite violence, and call for the murder of innocent Jews, Zionists, and Israelis, deportation is necessary. Their reprehensible acts of threats, intimidation, and vandalism are not protected free speech; they constitute felonies that mandate deportation. Is their sole aim to spread propaganda, sow division, or advance the agendas of terrorist regimes they sympathize with?

Tennessee U.S. Representative Andy Ogles (R-TN-5) filed H.R. 8322 in Congress last week, otherwise known as the Study Abroad Act.The bill calls on the Secretary of State to revoke certain types of visas provided to study abroad and exchange students whom are arrested for rioting or protesting unlawfully.

This would apply to a student who establishes, participates in, or promotes an encampment on the campus of an institution of higher education. The bill also adds this includes individuals arrested on or since October 7, 2023. The date marks the attack of Hamas on Israel.

In a statement released on the bill, Rep. Ogles stated “These antisemitic, anti-America riots have wreaked havoc and chaos on campuses, leading to the cancellation of commencements and in-person classes. It is unacceptable that we would allow non-Americans to terrorize our institutions of higher learning. It’s time to send a clear message to foreign, Hamas-sympathizing students rioting: if you bring chaos to our universities, you can study abroad somewhere else. Might I recommend Iran, Qatar, or Gaza? They seem more your speed.”

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