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October 29, 2014, Rene Jamison, who is represented by the Law Office of Gray and Prouty, filed a civil suit CASE #CVPI 14-1084, in the Del Norte County Superior Court, against Gayle and Kevin Hartwick. Gayle Hartwick was served the original summons at Crescent Elk School Room #7 at 8:15 a.m. and Kevin Hartwick was served at his place of business on 1225 Marshal Street, Suite #2 at 5:30 p.m. June 26, 2014.

The civil suit alleges that while Ms. Jamison worked under owners of Flying B Ranch, Gayle and Kevin Hartwick, that she witnessed a sexual assault on her cousin, who was only 16 at the time, by Kevin Hartwick. That Ms. Jamison personally endured lewd and lascivious acts of indecent exposure from Kevin Hartwick and was subjected to unwanted sexual advances and remarks while she was at the age of 5-11 years old. Allegedly, Mr. Hartwick physically restrained Ms. Jamison while he was naked and touching his genitalia and telling Jamison who was no more than 11 years old at the time to “enjoy it.” The allegations against Gayle Hartwick involve fraud and intentional misrepresentation for fraud failure to carry workers compensation, or to post any required postings regarding OSHA, or special rules for employment of minors as well as failed to ensure plaintiff Jamison had a valid work permit.

Ms. Jamison alleges in the complaint that she worked on the Flying B Ranch during the summers working 40 hours per week feeding horses, cleaning stalls, and feeding stallions.

In response to the filing, Attorney George Mavris who represents the Hartwicks, filed a demurrer against plaintiff’s allegations for all counts based upon statute of limitations, except the allegation for fraud. “Presently the age of the plaintiff is uncertain from the complaint other than she may have been 20 at the time of filing which would absolutely bar a majority of the causes of action”.

On November 21, 2014, Attorney Mavris filed for a telephonic Case Management Conference. Readiness conference is to be held in Department 4 on December 17, 2014, Honorable Judge LaCasse will hear the case.

  1. This just doesn’t add up. If this is true, good for Ms. Jamison for coming forward. But, if she were a victim one would of thought that she would have come forward the minute that she witnessed her cousin being assaulted. It is one thing to be a victim but quite different to see it happening to someone else. And as for charges about worker’s comp and work permits, etc. come on! This is part of what Mr. Hartwick’s business deals with. Payroll services which would includes worker’s comp. Why would they not address these things? Fishing expedition?

  2. It’s about time the hartwicks get exposed. It might be a small town, but not small enough that, THAT entire family can run everything. How can his wife and daughter be our children’s teachers, The brother is the principal after only about 2 years of teaching. This town is so corrupt and the Hartwicks need a reality check that they can’t just buy off everything. We should be Proud of the young lady who stepped up and came forward about her tragic experience and hope that this exploser will allow other young women to come forward and any one else in general who has been screwed over by the corruption in crescent city.

  3. I have only resided in CC for about 10 months. The few people I have met in my neighborhood….have told me that their is no law past Klammath. In this short time I see that this is a very poor county in California, the least healthy, hugely unemployed, self-medicated, desperate, along with the saddness of seeing so may people homeless and under the influence.
    My goodness people of CC there is a predator in our community, I can only imagine how scarred children that get abused are to say anything…and thank God Rene Jamison has finally found the courage to let is know what happened to her. So if there is anyone else who fell victim to Kevin Hartwick, speak-up… it is never to late to help stop this from happening to any other child.

  4. Hey Dan, what makes you so sure it was a lie? Or are you just another predator like Mr. Hartwick that wants to cover up the truth? Were you there Dan?

  5. Wow! I am amazed to read such horrible thing and to top it all off, that its all a lie. I understand that at times we might be hurting and may need assistance financially or emotionally. But doing it at the expense of others lives is not the right way to go. I hope the judge really reads the fine lines because all of this is a hoax and I hope that the Hartwick family can live in peace after all of this is over. They are nothing but giving and always to help anyone in need. I wish them all the best and I hope this doesn’t tear them apart or hurt their careers in any way.

    1. The facts will be heard in a court room. But what is unusual is the mere fact that the attorney representing the Hardwick’s did not deny the allegations that was submitted in a demurrer on behalf of the Hartwicks, which lends to the fact that these are not lies. And, there is another lawsuit that has been pending regarding sexual harassment. Sounds like Mr. Hartwick has a problem.

    2. Thanks for that Minnie. You hear that Dan? You can’t try and play it off for your fellow predator friend Mr. Hartwick. Stay away from the kiddies bud.

  6. News from the streets of Del Norte County. We have sex parties, and sex partners and swapping going on. Big Deal. These are consenting adults responsible for their actions bound by the restraints of their ethical and moral values. Happiness abounds from all this fun and frolic. I don’t think so. I think feelings of rejection, abandonment and loss creep into our emotions and take over. When this happens we need help. Someone to talk to, to help sort out how a hot couple can became depressed and endure feelings of being all alone. The Supervisors have help for you. They send hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars on a regular basis (see the bi monthly agenda’s) to other counties They lease mental health beds from counties who provide their citizens with local professional doctors, therapists and family support.

    Our Supervisors have provided for their local citizens and kept our reputation intact. We remain poor the poorest county in California, the least healthy, academically challenged,hugely unemployed self-medicated, desperate, rural folk deserving of every grant provided to the pitiful.

    Cudo’s for this young person who found the courage to report and sue on these acts that robbed her childhood of the years of learning from caring adults to provide her with the skills (academic and social experiences) that she’ll need on her journey to becoming a healthy capable adult.

    Atty Geo. Mavris wants to protect his client with a statute of limitations defense. There is no statute of limitation on a community that protects those who cannot protect themselves. Please join those of us who are ready and willing to offer our support to this young woman and others like her who have waited a long time to resume their journey to an independent healthy life.

    However, before any healing process can begin its paramount that the sexual predator is identified and removed from our community. All those in positions of power have to make a choice. You can either support the sexual predator or support his under aged, helpless victims.

    If you chose to support the predator and his acts, you are allowing him to continue his predatory acts against our children and our community. And you are an enabler to sexual predatory acts.

    If you choose to support the victim(s), you need to educate yourselves to the value of emotional health and how to create and sustain a healthy community. Please declare your positions publicly. Your constituents, your taxpayers, your family and friends have a right to know where you stand on this issue.

    *A review of our elected representatives actions towards the mental health care provided to our youngest citizens.

  7. Oh boy! The big guy! Judge LaCasse is very good at believing things that are not true about people. He takes what ever the DA or bs that is told. I believe this case should be moved out of that county. The good old boys are still in full force. True justice is only out of Del Norte County. Look at the bs that happened to me. I, Susan White, was victim of bs in Del Norte County. Hey! Judge LaCasse; if you are reading this article… I put a letter of review in the justice bar on you. You too are in the book coming out soon! Crescent City Corruption!

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