Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


How many of you were appalled to read this article “State OK With Change to Loan” in the local newspaper on November 25th?

The part that was appalling was this: “The State Water Resources Control Board last week approved a graduated repayment plan and a zero-percent interest rate as Crescent City seeks to pay back its $44 million wastewater treatment plant loan.

As a result, the city will save about $15.4 million, but only if sewer customers consent to an annual 5-percent rate increase between July 2015 and July 2019, according to City Manager Eugene Palazzo.

The reason it’s appalling is because of this from Christopher Stevens at the State Revolving Fund water board:

“Ms. Westfall
You can find the staff report and the draft resolution posted at It was Item 8 on the State Water Board’s November 18, 2014 meeting agenda ( There were no changes to the item during the meeting, so you can consider this to be the final resolution adopted by the Board. After the Clerk to the Board certifies the resolution, the final will be posted at This process generally takes several weeks.
As you can see from the draft resolution, the Board’s approval did not include a condition that the rate payers approve a rate increase.

Chris Stevens”

May I suggest you let everyone know so that when the Prop 218 protest starts no one can misquote the truth.

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