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Credit to Susan Kanen – July 12, 2017

Here’s a specific example of an EPA paper still referenced about lead in drinking water, data remains misrepresented, misinterpreted, and manipulated.
Deeply hidden in EPA archives is the raw data from lead leaching from lead service lines (LSL) in experimental lead pipeloops in DC. EPA was secretly varying fluoride concentration in these lead pipes and asking the question does hydrofluorosillicic acid(HFSA) increase lead corrosion from LSL. EPA lied repeatedly on the levels of lead off the pipeloops of LSL by a factor of 40 times. EPA misinterpreted and misrepresented the results and allowed manipulation of the experimental setup. EPA ignored my report to their Inspector General. True findings are: adding caustic to neutralize acidity was most effective at lowering lead levels. In agreement with this finding, more caustic was added to finished water for all of DC drinking water.

Lead scales were mainly compounds of fluoride see pages. C104-111 of  this ‘peer reviewed’ error ladened EPA paper is found at

Lead levels were highest in the summer. EPA continues to allow over 50 consecutive warmer days missed for Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) Compliance.

Results of < 3 ppb lead for over 68% of LCR sample sites point to fully replaced LSL. A trick violation the DC water utility, WASA (now DCWater) was fined for in about 2004.

Some specific sections of the DC lead pipeloop data show that HFSA addition increased lead corrosion.

Also the monthly reports out of Flint MI when extreme lead leaching occurred show lowered pH and addition of HFSA at the same time as change in water source. The Flint water utility tried to save money and add less neutralizing additives.

Phosphate addition did not ‘solve’ the lead leaching from LSL in DC, gaming the LCR compliance sampling and manipulating lead pipeloops deceived many to believe in lowered lead levels. See page 6 at

Return of higher lead levels for years in DC! Lowered 15 ppb lead not reached even by 2011 and that with obvious manipulation of original pipeloop setup as indicated by disagreement of triplicate values. EPA has known for years the results for this experiment were a factor of 2 too low, being diluted by water from plastic pipes connected to the LSL pipeloop, not contributing to the lead leaching but diluting water from LSL. The 2011 lead leaching from LSL in DC was still at about 50 ppb midsummer. EPA has declared DC LCR Compliant since second semester 2005. The EPA’s own research and Flint, MI disagrees.

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