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By Donna Westfall – April 15, 2017 – Do you ever shake your heads wondering what goes through the minds of politicians? Specially in the great State of California where you are taxed for anything and everything?  Where it’s hard to start up a new business because of all the red tape and hoops to jump through?

This latest go around lends itself to smuggling as the newest entrepreneurial enterprise.  Smuggling what?  Cigarettes.  Keep in mind we are not advocates for smuggling.  We’re pointing out a potential problem similar to the days when they tried to eliminate booze.  That only created one of the most dangerous but lucrative black markets in our nations history.

At The Daily Town Hall Meeting held by Supervisor Bob Berkowitz at the Fisherman’s Restaurant 6-7 am Monday through Friday’s, discussions are sometimes lengthy and sometimes loud.  Arguing and debating goes on pretty regularly.  One of those meetings produced a concept to deal with avoiding the certain demise of this County’s business by creating a TAX FREE ZONE so we’re not at a disadvantage with Brookings, Oregon.

Take a look at the following letter sent to Senator McGuire by Sups Berkowitz and Gitlin; two of the more brilliant minds sitting on our Board of Supervisors.  They are not all talk.  They are men of action. They don’t always agree with each other.  But when they do agree, they are able to get things done.   Keep in mind that their plan does not negate the 1/4% cent sales tax for the Fair.








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