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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – March 1, 2021

Did you ever wonder after this past year why nearly everyone that dies
has to have been from Covid-19?  Did you ever wonder why no one succumbs to heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, pneumonia, the common flu, or any of the other previously common causes of death?  Do you ever wonder why the common flu has almost ceased to exist in the past year?

Do you every wonder why every new weather phenomenon  can be attributed to Climate Change?  Do you ever wonder how fires, animal behavior, random coastal flooding, and the recent appearance of a polar vortex can be associated with climate change?  Did you ever wonder that turning the world upside down over fossil fuels might not have anything to do with climate change?

Do you ever wonder how the death of George Floyd has anything to do with social justice?  Do you ever wonder how the poster child for seriously bad behavior ever could be considered a reason that justice had failed?  Do you ever wonder how social justice has been so perverted over the past few years to make irredeemable conduct into angelic behavior?

Do you ever wonder how racism has been stretched to mean any one who
disagrees with you can be considered racist?  Do you ever wonder how
dialog having nothing to do with race can be considered racist?  Do you
ever wonder how you can become both a racist and a white supremacist by simply being white?

Do you ever wonder how you can be considered homophobic because the idea that there are multiple genders is uncomfortable for you?  Do you ever wonder if the alphabet soup of gender designations might be confusing to many people?

Do you ever wonder if by throwing recycled materials in the trash might
stigmatize you for life? Own a gas powered car instead of an electric?  
Not turn the lights out when you leave a room?  Use a plastic straw? 
Own a firearm?  Not get a vaccine for Covid-19 when it becomes available?

There is much to be confused about in this world that we live, but does
it really have to be this way?  For centuries humans have been able to
muddle through all of the trials that are currently being trumpeted as
the end of civilized society.  Somehow centuries of viruses, climate
variation, social discord, racism, and just about every other measure of
human discord have not spelled the end of the world as we know it.  For
what ever reason the human spirit has been able to vanquish all manner
of societal evils and lived to tell the story.  Seems like it is time
for people in this Country to put their “Big Boy Pants On” and be
thankful for the many things that have gone right in today’s world. 
World hunger at a low point, poverty lowest ever, life expectancy has
improved, cancer rates are reduced, world health has improved
dramatically, just a few of the positive developments over the past few
years.  It is easy to complain about things that are not right.  It is
much more difficult to do something about it.  So how over the years a
lot has changed for the better, I see no reason to be pessimistic about
the future.  Did you ever wonder……

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