Thu. May 23rd, 2024


While huge unemployment numbers continue to plague our area, all you have to do is look at the internet to read about another reality like:

$39,000 backpack’s by the Olson Twins will have other versions at half the price.

Congratulations to:

Penelope Cruz and husband who are expecting their second child.  She’s 38, and husband Javier Bardem, 43 must be young at heart or have enough help because it’s not easy keeping up with infants and toddlers.

Bruce Willis for the unveiling of his DIE HEART picture at Fox’s Beverly Hills studio lot.  (Some think it looks a lot like Mel Gibson.) This marked the 25th anniversary of the first Die Hard.  Expect to see Bruce Willis in future Die Heart sequels.

Does anyone care?

About the Kardashians?

Do you believe?

Lady Gaga not paying overtime to her former assistant.  Get this, former assistant is suing for $400,000.  She contends she wasn’t paid for 7,168 hours and that equals $55.80/hour. Somehow, that doesn’t seem like a lot for someone of LG’s ranks whose worth is about $150,000,000……  that’s million.  Singer/songwriter known for outrageous fashion and colorful vocabulary.

How many here would like the opportunity to assist Lady Gaga?




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