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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) and the Democrat majorities in that state’s House and Senate have pulled a dirty trick that will disenfranchise 70% of Republican voters in next year’s primary election.

This is a complicated story that everyone needs to hear. The Democrats in Michigan have basically cheated Michigan Republican voters out of having a say in the next election. If you are a Republican voter in Michigan, you no longer get a full vote in next year’s primary. Your vote will only count as three-tenths of a vote.

In order to stop states from holding their primary elections earlier and earlier, the RNC has had a longstanding rule that only New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina can hold their primaries before March 1. If any state moves its primary up before that date, it can lose up to 90% of its delegates as a penalty. Under the agreement between the RNC and the Michigan Republican Party, Michigan would lose 70% of its delegates if they held their primary before that date.

Under the agreement, if Michigan’s primary happens before March 1, then 16 of the state’s 55 Republican delegates would be decided by the voters. The other 70% would be decided at a state caucus on March 2nd. The Michigan GOP agreed to this deal with the RNC, because they figured that it was no big deal. Michigan’s primary is always on Super Tuesday (the first Tuesday in March), and there was no indication back in September when they struck this deal that their primary would be moved.

It was moved. Governor Whitmer, the crazy-eyed moonbat who outlawed the sale of paint to try to stop the spread of COVID, spearheaded a bill that the Democrat majorities in the House and Senate passed. It moves the Michigan primary election up from the first Tuesday in March to the last Tuesday in February.

The bill passed entirely on partisan lines, with every Republican opposed and every Democrat in favor. But the malfeasance went much deeper in this case.

Michigan has a rule under its state constitution that a bill that passes without a supermajority cannot be signed into law by the Governor if it is challenged in the state congress within a 90-day window of its passage. This is a law specifically designed to encourage bipartisan support for bills. If anyone mounts a challenge to a bill and it wasn’t passed by a two-thirds majority, Whitmer can’t sign it.

So, after passing this bill with simple majorities that were opposed by every single Republican in the Michigan House and Senate, the majority Democrats voted to adjourn two months early. It will be 90 days before the Michigan legislature readjourns in January, so it’s legally impossible to Republicans to mount a challenge to it.

What’s all this mean?

Let’s say that the Michigan primary comes in March, and Donald Trump receives 90% of the vote. Which he very well could. I’m guessing at least three more GOP primary candidates will have dropped out by then. Anyway, despite getting 90% of the primary votes, Trump would only receive 30% of Michigan’s delegates. The other 70% of the delegates—39 in total—would be apportioned by this mysterious caucus that the Michigan GOP has never held before. And which the Michigan GOP has not even scheduled yet.

The implications of this should be obvious. Even if Donald Trump wins a huge majority of the primary votes in Michigan, but only be awarded 16 delegates. Meanwhile, thanks to the backroom deal that the RNC obviously cut with Gretchen Whitmer, someone like Nikki Haley could get the other 39, despite getting almost no votes.

That’s “democracy” under the Democrat Party for you. Wow. Just… wow.

African slaves counted as 3/5ths (60%) of a vote when the Constitution was originally written. Democrats think that Republican voters’ votes should only count as 30% of a vote.

All of this is being done to try to prevent Donald Trump from capturing the 1,235 delegates needed to secure the nomination next year. The good news is that even though it looks like they’ve managed to steal 39 of Michigan’s delegates from Trump, they still have another 1,196 delegates to go to try to scheme their way into a brokered convention.

If you are a Republican voter in Michigan, you need to contact your local GOP office and demand that they set a date for this March 2nd caucus, so it will actually take place.

One thought on “Dirty MI Democrats Just Cheated 70% of Republicans Out of Their 2024 Primary Votes”
  1. No one can stop these cheating, lying, back stabbing slime snakes, every time I see them on TV like Newsom he lies pats himself on the back and has that creepy grin on his face. He talks about helping the Homeless. Goodness why didn’t he help them years ago? I guess its because he wants to stick a foot in the door of the White House. Oops do snakes have feet?

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