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Opinion Piece By Roger Gitlin, Letter to Congressman Jared Huffman – December 19, 2019

It is with sadness in which my wife, Angela, and I write you to express our disappointment in your voting for two counts of impeachment against President Donald Trump. Impeachment is a serious, somber action. You have trivialized this rarely used political action and set a terrible precedent which will have a chilling effect on the Executive branch of government…

We may disagree with implementation of policy but the extreme measure to impeach President Trump is unwarranted and over the line on what I identify as the flimsiest of evidence. This action is remarkable and shocking . Your disdain for President Trump is transparent and your contempt for duly-elected President Trump in 2016 commenced with your boycott of his inauguration in January 2017 and continues, unabated. The action the House took on impeachment attempts to undo 63 million votes in the last election.

Rather than showing leadership, you and 229 other Democrats (and the entire California Democratic House caucus), has demonstrated how far you are willing to wade into political divisiveness. Your vote Wednesday has widened the gulf between those with differing opinion. There was no crime committed by the President.

  • RE: Count 1, ABUSE OF POWER.  I am skeptical you believe President Trump committed a ” High Crime and Misdemeanor” in asking the Ukraine , a country deeply steeped in a history of corruption, to investigate the relationship Hunter Biden enjoyed as a Board member of Burisma. The United States should be held to the highest level level of integrity. I am proud of President Trump when he asked the president of Ukraine to investigate the relationship between the Biden Family and Burisma. It is alarming Congressman Huffman, you would not recognize or even question this appearance of impropriety in this Burisma relationship, especially in view of a dearth of qualifications by the Vide President’s son. . .
  • RE:  Count 2,  OBSTRUCTION OF CONGRESS. It is baseless. The House needed only to seek redress in the Supreme Court for clarification on House subpoena authority . The House failed to seek this re-dress following the President’s option to exercise Executive Privilege.

Congressman Huffman, your actions are that of a follower, not a leader, a political sheep who falls in line with Democrat political protocol. Your vote, though predicable, is not respectable or responsible.

The House vote will fail to remove or stain President Trump. I am saddened and disappointed with you, Congressman Huffman.

13 thoughts on “Disappointment with Congressman Huffman over Impeachment”
  1. What is the difference between a Joe Biden speech and a Donald Trump speech? When Biden is speaking you wonder if he’s had a stroke. When Trump is speaking you wonder if you’ve had a stroke.

  2. It is now Feb 4, this Country has watched the most disgusting display of bi-partisanship ever televised in this Country! Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Schumer are the most embarrassing people is the US. How about the $15,000 she spent on the Impeachment pens? How about the Millions of dollars she “borrowed” from the Social Security Administration! Also look at the front Runners in the Election … Biden, Sanders,and Elizabeth Warren and Bloomberg… My God CrescentCity Dems which one of these crooks are going to get your vote??? And before Trump you had Obama in the middle of the night flying $$170 Billion Dollars to IRAN! Why wasn’t OBAMA impeached? Take a good look at the state of our Economy now and look at the Stock Market the highest it’s ever been From the day Trump was elected. You Democrats have done nothing to help this Country but spent all your time and Taxpayers money to get him out of office! Now you’re literally running SCARED! Because he’s going to WIN again!!

  3. Gosh Roger, I can’t believe you stand by Trump after all he has done to our country. He is a crook plain & simple a thug who embarasses us all each & every day.
    Your support of this draft dodger will stain your good record forever.

    M Sills
    Crescent City

    1. So M. Sills you prefer to vote for a man that does not know where is is half the time, money from Russia, money from China, Hunter Biden kicked out of the Military for taking drugs, that’s ok you back who you want I prefer to back a businessman that brings back business to the US -work for Americans and I believe in Americans first and help other countries when possible.
      PS I believe the Biden’s are guilty of money laundring. Had five million dollar homes oops had to sell one poor Joe.

  4. By the way Patsy, Roger Gitlin does still live in Crescent City that is his main residence and it’s not against the law to own a vacation residence in Oregon!

  5. Great letter Rodger the Democrats and this impeachment bullshit is completely unbelievable we all our disappointed with their actions but I guess once a DEMOCRAT always a DEMOCRAT come high or hell water!!

  6. Congressman Huffman and Senator McGuire have no respect toward the Presidential position. They have touted their anger and dislike to this President since his election. They and their followers cry in their soup on a daily basis to the point of pissing in their pants because they have no control over the American People.

    Get over it and grow some balls. The President will overcome this travesty playing out in our less than Judicial congress.

    Next, Huffman and McGuire need ousted

    1. very interesting statement gail…especially since in this state the communistic democrats rule and ruin our entire state. did you not look into the past impeachments? In the impeachment of Nixon, the Republicans did not take a stand against the democrats, They joined them….do you not find it peculiar that this was a partisan stand. Granted our President is not sophisticated and a little rough around the edges, but The true american people, all who are watching, are in control. President Trump may have been impeached by a kangeroo court held by the left but he will be vindicated…and win 2020 election where you and your left friends will more than likely commit suicide or at the very least prescribed anti depressants. Cheers for 45 2020

    2. Preach it. And does Roger even live in California anymore? I think he meant to write a thank you letter to Rep. Greg Walden, Representative for Oregon’s 2nd District.

  7. Steelhead you’re are absolutely out of your mind …. take a look at the State of the Economy you idiot do you not think the State of the Economy is far better off then in the 8 years of the OBama administration don’t you think?

    1. Who’s the idiot? Trump inherited a booming economy from the Obama administration. He just gave it a shot in the arm with his tax break to corporations and the very rich, And rolling back regulations that again will poison the rest off us. Do you have children and grand children? They will suffer more than we will idiot.

  8. What a load of crap Roger. You know the man is corrupt, And all the republicans are in lockstep with him. All I see is a party of brown shirt’s.

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