Thu. May 23rd, 2024

By Jane Moran

In case you couldn’t make it, I just wanted to share some notes from our most recent meeting and presentation by Cindy Henderson, Del Norte’s Emergency Preparedness Manager.
Cindy gave a great presentation and we were excited (and relieved) to hear that Del Norte county is one of the leaders in disaster preparedness statewide.  Because of our relative isolation, small size (only 3 ambulances in the county!) and geographic vulnerability (tsunamis! earthquakes! floods! power outages!), Cindy’s group uses the YOYO model for local disaster planning: when something major hits, You’re On Your Own!
Her organization helps communities and neighborhoods prepare, not just for “the big one”, but for the smaller disasters such as a 3-day power outage or a landslide blocking an important highway.  She says she’s not a prepper but doesn’t like to bury her head in the sand, either – her group models for all kinds of possible events, and offers easy and effective ways for people like you & me to plug in.
Her website at is the place to start; if you live in Gasquet, Klamath, or Smith River then your area has already started with the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program and you can find out who your local organizers.  Getting to know your neighbors, planning your own emergency “go bag”, and knowing who around you can offer or will require extra assistance is a great start.  And, as we always say in Transition, if nothing ever happens then you got to know your neighbors and that’s already a plus!
Cindy also offered her contact info if you have any questions or want more information: Tel:(707) 954-8775

Okay, that’s all for now – see you all next Saturday the 16th at the Conscious Living Expo!  (Also it would be great to have some more bodies at the Transition Del Norte event table; let me know if you’re available for an hour or 6 on the 16th to staff our table and talk to people about Transition 🙂

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