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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – October 27, 2021

California Education Code 52720 calls for the prominent display of the American Flag and a daily patriotic exercise in K-12 classrooms. It is predictable to say this Ed Code law has NOT been embraced by the nearly 1000 Districts up and down the Golden State.

After a gentle reminder to the Del Norte Unified School District and Superintendent Jeff Harris at the most recent meeting of the DNUSD, I am pleased to report the Board and Supt. Harris are ascertaining that each and every classroom displays the Flag and Certificated staff are adhering to Ed Code 52720. This is encouraging news. Years back, while serving on the Board of Supervisors, I toured several DNUSD classrooms at both Primary and Secondary schools and observed many exceptions to adhering to 52720. In fact, there were many Certificated staff who blatantly ignored the Ed Code and harbored great scorn for the Flag and the mandate. Freedom of Speech notwithstanding, one cannot teach disrespect of the Pledge of Allegiance and expect to earn a salary as a State employee.

During my teaching career, I proudly enforced Ed Code 52720.

The Survey Report will be announced by Supt. Harris at the Nov. 18, 4pm DNUSD meeting in the Boardroom.

I commend the Board and Supt. Harris for enforcing 52720.

One thought on “Displaying Our Flag In Schools”
  1. I remember in the schools I attended both the US and California flags were in every classroom plus the library and cafeteria. Also, schools observed California Admission Day. (Sept 9th). I would guess that students today have no idea when California became the 31st state in the Union.

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