Sun. May 19th, 2024

My name is Lori Cowan and I am running for District 2 County Supervisor. I am a wife and mother, a Real Estate Agent and Restaurateur. I moved to Crescent City 14 years ago with my husband and two daughters. Our son was born here. In 2013 our foster son joined our family.

I have served on the Grand Jury of Del Norte, been a board member of the Del Norte Senior Center for three years, served a term on the Del Norte Unified School Board 2010 -2014, Chamber of Commerce member and ambassador and volunteered many hours with our schools, sports and community activities. I believe the best way to support a community is to be educated, involved, and aware of all possible resources available to our county and within our county.

My goal as Supervisor is to expedite a resolution for Last Chance Grade, support a full service hospital and bring more specialists to our area, clean up and revitalize our community, expand our airport, and support term limits.

A vote for Lori Cowan, is a vote for “A New View for District 2”. I will work hard for you and for positive change in our community.

7 thoughts on “District 2 Candidate, Lori Cowan”
  1. The reasoning for the current borders of the five member board of supervisors is unclear at best, base on the available map online. I’d like to know if this county is another place where gerrymandering has been set up such that it favors one, or the other, major party (democratic, republican). No one can explain the reasoning for the shape and size of the five districts, and yes I have asked. Care to clarify; any one of the sitting supervisors?

  2. Planning on stealing more community money Cowan? She is only interested in the ‘job’ for the benefits. She is a shame to this community! Get the records from the brewery she and her husband ran into the ground and never made a payment on.

    How they ever were elected to anything is beyond comprehension!

    1. Where can I get the records about the brewery. She never made a payment? Wow! Never made a payment to the community loan?

  3. All of this is very nice, but the bottom line is that this town is going no where soon unless we have some kind of economy. Even if we were able to spruce up the education system,clean up and revitalize our community, fix road access, not only at last chance grade but 199 as well, we still do not have any path to a “real” private sector economy. We currently have lots of tax payer supported employees, and a small service sector to keep them fed and healthy, but most of our children with any kind of drive leave town for better opportunities. Our leadership can talk all they want about the environment and a part time tourist industry, but until those same leaders, or those that replace them, realize that this town must develop and grow to a respectable population size with a corresponding economy, or the State’s stifling regulations will continue to choke the life out of this area. While I realize we will never be able to return back to a resource based economy, more layers of tax based employment is only going to get us so far before public debt begins to catch up with California. The only way after that is a shrinking population and fewer of those government and quasi government jobs. We have spent the last twenty five years in a stagnant holding pattern. Continual infrastructure building is not a means to an end, as it isn’t real growth. The airport, the new harbor, the cities’ new sewer plant are all glaring examples of money spent with no improvement in our economic situation. Quite the opposite, it has saddled the local population with ever increasing public debt. The harbor district is currently trying to compound its misery by becoming engaged in solar power, without truly understanding the pitfalls of such an endeavor. The very idea that “it will not cost them anything” borders on fantasy. A new airport terminal without a corresponding increase in over all passenger traffic is just that much more to be taken care of down the road, will increase the cost of air service, and doesn’t really put anything back into the local economy.

    So, with that said, I have to say “What new view for District 2?” Local leaders have been talking about all the things you state as your goals for the past twenty five years and where has that gotten us? We look more like Venezuela than a part of the best country in the World. At what point do the Citizens of the County see any improvement what so ever in the direction that current leadership has taken us. When will those in office and running for office understand that none of the things that you have mentioned as your goals will move the needle. Probably more than half the wage earners in the County earn less than $30,000 a year, we are a social services basket case as a result, and there are no real life solutions on the horizon. If there was real leadership anyplace in the County, they would quickly realize when the homeless population exploded that we had a real problem here. Something that new airport terminals do not fix!!!!!!

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