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Opinion By Branden Bieber – December 13, 2023

The Del Norte Board of Supervisors start each meeting with the “pledge of allegiance,” yet they fail to
realize their influence or the words they recite.

As constituents in Del Norte the ideals of LIBERTY and JUSTICE are only a mirage.

We may feel the responsibility to work hard and provide the necessities for life to your families, but now
we must provide life’s necessities to neighbors we have never met. Even if it means placing more Del
Norte working families below the poverty line, we are being required (taxed) to provide food, clothing,
drugs, and housing for people often too lazy to care for themselves.

Our Criminal Justice system in Del Norte County is a sponge for career lawyers, judges, and supporting
staff who feast off of the misfortunes of others. The revolving door at the Sherriff’s department
allows for additional career law enforcement but is NOT making our streets safer. It is however
increasing the debt on taxpayers for which local Government has no concern.

The Del Norte Department of Health and Human Services has seen over a 40% increase in budgeting and
staffing over the past 12 years. And more resources will be required as DHHS enables unemployment,
welfare, drug use, and social service fraud to provide wraparound services mainly to their staff’s
benefit. Around and around we go, as Del Norte process’s criminals without prosecuting, then provides
Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), only to be back at the revolving Sherriff’s door, or receiving more
Government (taxpayer) handouts.

The Del Norte Board of Supervisors Tuesday 12-12-2023 approved funding $10.8 million dollars to take
more real-estate off the tax role and facilitate new homeless housing and services. Del Norte County
received the second largest allocation of funds in the State to funnel the despair and poverty on our
coastal community. With metropolitan areas finally resisting some of the sanctuary status, Del Norte
County has been chosen as the new destination for the poor, the depressed, and the unambitious.

If you thought it was hard to survive now, just wait until the next influx of social service seekers break
into your house. Liberty and Justice, NOT NORTH OF KLAMATH!

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