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By Donna Westfall – April 22, 2017 – We live next to a liquor store.  Every day men and women walk to get their daily alcoholic needs met.  Sometimes, they urinate or defecate in our yard, and our neighbors yard, or steal something if we’ve left it outside.  But nothing so far has compared to the goings on along “A” Street.

Ted Scott and his family have been fixtures in this town for over six decades.  He has a little hobby car shop down on A Street.  Sometimes, cars worth $80,000 come into his shop for special touches.  But that may have to end because there’s a mentally ill man running around unsupervised with his pants down and his private parts hanging out.  This particular man rents a house on A Street and is supposed to be under 24/7 supervision.  However, when the caretakers are nowhere to be seen, he will destroy your property, ask you to “suck his d_ck,” and poop inside your car if the doors are unlocked. We held  a short debate about putting up the video without showing his face, but finally concluded it was not appropriate.

Should this man be institutionalized?  Or should the owners of the property put up a fence to keep him in? And where are the caretakers hired to watch him 24/7?

Can you have the mentally ill person arrested?  Heck no.  If your teenage child gave people the finger as they were driving their car down your street, or exposed their genitals in public, guess how long it would take for the police to show up at your door? Five minutes? Not so with the mentally ill.  And what are the caretakers doing anyway?  Can they be arrested?  Probably not.  But they can be fired.

Ted says, “The last mentally ill man under the same service, NEW DAWN SUPPORT SERVICES, had a fire that could have set fire to my shop, but thanks to the fire department, they got it out and had him move out.  I feel like a prisoner on my own property, I can’t leave anything unlocked.”

What are your rights when the mentally ill are not properly supervised and carry on by yelling, banging and making a racket? You can certainly sue the company responsible for their care taking if you suffer a loss.  You can ask that the police take a report. Eventually, something will be done. Hopefully, you won’t lose you sanity or sanctification before something is done.

This most recent incident has Ted wondering what the zoning laws are in our town?  That’s something to follow-up on soon.





6 thoughts on “Do the mentally ill have more rights than you?”
  1. let me help you out Jr free of charge don’t do it put a pile of money in your drive way light it on fire if you need something to do if you want to open a business for fun cool if you want to make money forget about it not in this town not in this state

    1. Payless Shoe Source filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (ie, liquidation). All of their stores are closing. It would be interesting to see the number of the Crescent City store, which I would think would be pretty good as it was the only shoe store in town, although Wal-Mart does sell shoes, but not exclusively.

      1. I keep thinking about opening a men’s-only clothing store in Crescent City. I think with 30k+ people in the county, there’s bound to be a nice profit in there for a small staff.

        I cannot find a pair of jeans that fit right, nor can i find decent shirts in Del Norte County. It’s really sad.

    2. There is some good news, Brookings has been opening new stores and businesses for the last several years without any problem. Not sure why Brookings is growing, and Crescent City is failing. Wait!!! I do know why – it is because Crescent City is in California. Between the all the fees to open a biz, and the over regulation it is nearly impossible to get started in California. Strange thing how Reno Nevada is booming with all those warehouses just outside the California border. Brookings is just outside of California and booming. Reno is just outside of California and booming….hmm. Something about that line on the map sure makes a difference!!

  2. “I feel like a prisoner on my own property, I can’t leave anything unlocked.”

    Know how he feels, and did the wise thing – SOLD EVERYTHING IN CRESCENT CITY. This town is mostly meth heads, HUD losers, and the mentally ill at this point – why put up with it? This isn’t any different than other towns that have collapsed due to a change in demographics, culture, and a government that REALLY doesn’t give a damn. It takes all three of those to ruin a city this size, and we have all the components of the recipe. Feel for the people trapped in this s— hole, but if you decide to stay here because you think things are going to get better then you are completely delusional and will end up costing yourself more in the long run than if you just cut your losses now. If you have a place on Pebble, or out of town, it is worth keeping, but anything that is in Crescent City proper is a mistake to keep. Just my opinion, I could be wrong – but I’m not.

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