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By Angry Old American

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The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) was founded in 2011 by Sheriff Richard Mack from Arizona. Sheriff Mack was a member of Ron Paul’s Oath Keepers and a lobbyist for the Gun Owners of America (GOA) during their successful constitutional fight against the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act.  At the heart of the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association is strict adherence to their oath of office; to protect the Constitutional rights of all their citizens against all enemies both foreign and domestic. It should be no surprise that the CSPOA has been branded by our politicians and mainstream media as dangerous “Patriot Extremists.”

Of all the elected officials in every County and Parish of the United States, the Sheriff is the most important. This has been so since the framers of the Constitution encouraged the establishment of the office of Sheriff. While National Congressional Representatives and Senators, State Governors and Representatives, and Local Commissioners, Superintendents, and Councilmen notoriously sell-out their oath of office in order to curry favor from special-interest constituents and pay-for-play cronies; the Sheriff often is the only protector of civil rights for the average citizen. Even Prosecutors and Judges have become pawns of political favoritism; but the Sheriff historically has the power to stand aloof. The Sheriff, as an independent elected official, has the power to ignore the dictates of County, State, and even Federal authorities who breach the boundaries of the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Not that this is always the case, as many Sheriffs have sold-out their oaths of office and become toadying servants of local tyrants. Yet, with a County Sheriff possessed of courage and conviction, there is potential for the average citizen to have a protector.

Already, three Nevada Counties have become “Constitutional Counties” due to the presence of their Constitutional Sheriffs. What is a Constitutional County? It is a county that refuses to enforce Local, State and Federal laws which breach the limits of the Constitution and infringe upon their citizen’s Bill of Rights.

Constitutional Counties protect the rights of free speech and religious observation. At last count there were 1,930 “Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties” throughout the USA where ownership and open carry of firearms is permitted, and often encouraged. Search and seizure of personal property without due process of law is prohibited in Constitutional Counties. Vaccine and mask mandates, business closures, prohibitions of free movement, and other infringements of personal liberties are not enforced in Constitutional Counties. Government protection of Antifa, Black Lives Matter Movement cultural revolution, rioting, looting, arson, mayhem and routine shoplifting and theft are not tolerated in Constitutional Counties. It all starts with a Constitutional Sheriff!

I encourage the reader to research Sheriff Mack and the CSPOA. Ask yourself if Del Norte County would be well served by an independent Sheriff that has the guts to take a stand against our local “government” gangsters, the State of California political machine, and the Chinese Communist Party’s puppet government.

Does Del Norte County need a Constitutional Sheriff? Does our present Sheriff have the will and guts to defend our Constitutional rights? Will he take a public stand and declare Del Norte County to have a Constitutional Sheriff? If not, are there any Deputies or Law Enforcement officials that take their oaths seriously, support the Constitutional Sheriffs Movement, and will run for the office of Sheriff? Would we be better off as a Constitutional County, where our constitutionals rights over shadow partisan politics, and crony favoritism?

Here are some links to get started –

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6 thoughts on “Do We Need a “Constitutional Sheriff?””
    1. Clearly you do not know what a “fascist” is. You likely have more in common with one than the author of this piece and Richard Mack. Maybe a bit of reading should be in you future to educate yourself, before you comment further.

    2. What an extreme joy to hear from you Red Herrington! It just so happens that I absolutely love being the object of derogatory Leftist epithets. I collect them just like other people collect baseball cards.

      I proudly boast of being a “Racist, White Supremacist, Xenophobe, Misogynist, Environmental Rapist, Sexist, Insensitive Troglodyte, Intolerant Cro-Magnon Beast, Barbaric Neanderthal, Baby-Seal Clubber, Un-Woke Un-Enlightened Hairy-Animal, Endangered-Species Eater, Fascist Oppressor, Whale Harpooner, Nazi, Patriot Extremist, Brain-Devouring Zombie Taunter, White-Devil, Bloodthirsty Drooling Carnivore, Sharp-Fanged Pale Blood-Sucking Nosferatu, Universal Hater, Poo-poo Doo-Doo, Pee-Pee Wee-Wee!

      I value all original epithets, even those of a Juvenalian satiric nature; but abhor repetitions from the standard “Woke Hate Menu!” Please review my list, and if you have the time, add a few valuable choice epithets that I have yet to receive.

  1. In addition to knowing a potential Sheriff’s allegiance to the Constitution, I think it would be prudent to know what their stance on forced/mandated vaccination is.

    If the state of California or the federal government mandate forced vaccination or forced quarantine for the general citizenry, what will the Sheriff do?

  2. Seems the best part of America’s population has had it with the democrat insistence on redistributing wealth from those who earned it to those who did not. Democrats know the path to seizing control of America’s wealth first requires control of American arms. It also seems democrats have forced conservatives to an inevitable catastrophic brink. Consequently, conservatives are mobilizing in historic numbers.

    None of this sanctuary activity should be necessary because the U.S. already is a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary nation. Democrats ignore that clearly stated fact in the Constitution because it conflicts with their disarmament goal. Only one sentence was necessary to create this colossal sanctuary in 1791 and it’s just as clear today. It will not be repealed simply because democrats don’t like it.

    If democrat cities and states are permitted to offer sanctuary to vile criminal aliens and criminalize enforcement of immigration law, conservative counties and states must be permitted to function as sanctuaries for anyone operating within existing law. American businessmen, workers, schoolchildren and the Bill of Rights itself are entitled to sanctuary from action by illegitimate executive power.

    The heart of this problem is red flag laws contemptuously violate the constitutional guarantee to due process. Under these laws, individuals are allowed to meet with judges ex parte to accuse and discuss behavior of their relatives, students, neighbors, patients, employees, etc. Judges simply sign warrants to start long term nightmares for arms owners.

    Clearly these laws have triggered the national movement for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary counties. And we’ve already witnessed a sea change in the sanctuary movement. I’ve always believed these partisan and unconstitutional laws could be defeated by simply denying assistance to federal or state law enforcement.

    The obvious reason is federal and state resources alone are woefully inadequate to enforce such things as magazine size or barrel shrouds and could not begin to undertake such efforts without local law enforcement assistance. If deputizing hundreds of thousands to actively resist federal and state efforts should happen, it would be a single issue revolt which could rapidly expand.

    Fourteen states, 1,880 counties and 245 municipalities out of 3,136 total counties and county equivalents already have proclaimed sanctuary status. Almost 70 percent of the counties nationwide are projected to declare allegiance to the Constitution and refusal to enforce laws that violate it. That would comprise 472 counties with only one murder per year plus 1,700 counties that have no murders at all. If that materializes, a desirable result would force federal and state enforcement to concentrate on the 63 counties (2% of the total) where half of America’s murders occur.

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