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By Angry Old American

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President Ronald Reagan once said “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same; or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

I am convinced that this is that final lost generation that Ronald Reagan was talking about.

During the past year, we have watched programmed panic and cowardly acquiescence of a once proud nation faced with a foreign made bio-weapon having a 98+% survival rate. We have watched our constitutional rights ripped from us, and wealth transferred from the common citizen in the middle-class to filthy rich multinational corporations as a result of economic lock-downs. We have witnessed the grand theft of the 2020 election by foreign hackers and domestic traitors who stuffed the ballot boxes and infiltrated our polls. Our largest cities have been ravaged by Cultural Revolutionary riots, looting, vandalism, arson, mayhem and murder, and our police rendered powerless. Our Local, State and Federal Government Representatives and Bureaucrats aid and abet anarchy on their streets. Marxist prosecutors and judges allow crimes to go unpunished, and empty our jails and prisons of dangerous felons while filling them with political prisoners that were once considered patriots. As if their contrived epidemic of homelessness were not bad enough, these Marxist predators now rob these vulnerable souls of their tents and vehicles to temporarily stuff them into recently bankrupted and confiscated high-rise hotels. Our statues, monuments and cultural heritage were vandalized and destroyed by Nazi Antifa Black-Shirts and Maoist Red Guard Cultural Revolutionaries. Our mainstream and social media, along with their propagandist pundits and pop-culture icons, have become lap-dogs to the Chinese Communist Party.

Since the January 6th False Flag event at the US Capitol that marked the confirmation of the Biden Administration, we have seen Marxist Critical Race Theory institutionalized throughout our government. Those who maintain traditional values and proudly served this Nation have been branded “Dangerous Extremists.” Since the inauguration of our Pretender in Chief, our fuel independence was destroyed in order to foster dependence on foreign oil from our Russian adversaries and wealthy Middle-Eastern Oil Sheiks. During the past six months, we have seen the wholesale invasion across the United States Southern Border by drug and human trafficking criminal cartels, child sex-slaves, diseased economic parasites, bloodthirsty gangsters, and international terrorists. Over a million of these medically un-screened un-vaccinated super-spreaders have been relocated by every mode of transportation to Conservative States and District at government expense. Once there, they suck the life’s-blood of residents, and enjoy free health care, educational benefits, Covid Stimulus Checks and access to our fraudulent voting system. Our military is purged of “Patriot Extremists” that form the backbone of our Constitutional Republic, while promoting skipping prancing cross-dressers into the Pentagon. Our children are being brainwashed with Critical Race Theory and LGBTQ binary gender neutrality. We watched tens of billions of dollars of our economic inheritance, intended to support “Foreclosure and Eviction Moratoriums,” literally disappear without ever being distributed. Meanwhile, Wall Street hedge-funds and multi-Billionaires gobble-up entire residential neighborhoods and small farms, while our middle-class join the homeless. During these short six months we have witnessed intrusions or attempted cancellation of our rights to free speech, exercise of religion, to bear arms and self-defense, protections against unlawful search and seizure and more. Our Marxist Congress, Senate, and Pretender in Chief funnel trillions of dollars into “Climate Change” and “Social Equity” graft “programs” to the wealthiest fraction of this Nation’s richest one percent. If that were not enough, they seek to institutionalize the fraudulent practices at the polls that fixed the 2020 elections in order to establish a perpetual “Democrat” Tyranny. We the People, will have no redress through the law because they also seek to pack our highest Court!

During the past two weeks we have witnessed the intentional betrayal of the United States and our allies in Afghanistan. Our US Troops were quickly and secretly pulled out of the Country, without a word to our allies. Subsequently, tens of thousands of US, UK, Australian, German, and French Citizens were abandoned to Taliban butchers, along with hundreds of thousands of western-friendly Afghan civil-servants, interpreters, soldiers, and intelligence sources. We abandoned the well-defended $900 Million Dollar Bagram military airbase to the Taliban, and instead chose to evacuate from an indefensible public airport in Kabul. $800 billions of dollars worth of US Military arms, ammunition, equipment and technology were left behind, along with a biometric database to aid terrorists in identifying our allies. When several thousand US Troops were sent back to Afghanistan, the Biden Administration gave the Taliban a “Kill List” of our citizens and Afghan allies names. Is it any wonder that both our citizens and allies were turned away by the Taliban at the Kabul Airport gates? The State Department claims that only a hundred US Citizens were left behind in Kabul, and many of those wanted to stay. What Secretary Blinken refuses to address is the thousands of Americans and our Allies stranded outside of Kabul; who were told not to travel to the Kabul Airport! To this day the State Department still has no clue of how many Americans and Afghan Allies were left behind. Last week, they advised friendly refugees to make their way on foot out of Afghanistan to either Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China or Tajikistan. Now the State Department advises Americans and Afghan allies to shelter in place. Seems that the Biden Administration, shocked by massive illegal border crossings, has earmarked several billion US dollars to increase border security and stem the flow; of American and Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban into Tajikistan. No change on our own Southern Border where already scant funding is being diverted away from security to combat “Climate Change.”

We and our coalition partners managed to evacuate over 120,000 refugees from Afghanistan prior to the August 31st deadline. The number of American Citizens in Afghanistan have ranged from as high as 20,000, to the State Department’s low figure of 6,000 already evacuated, with 100 or so left behind. One estimate cites approximately 250,000 Afghans who aided the military with 88,000 receiving Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs). According to the Washington Post, approximately 6,000+/- of the 120,000  evacuees were US Citizens, another 6,000+/- were Afghan allies and families with Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) relocated to the United States, and another 20,000+/-  with SIVs evacuated to other countries. The approximately 75% of non-Citizen or SIV holder evacuees have not been thoroughly vetted. Some of these evacuees have been identified on the State Department Terrorist Watch List. 

Thirteen service-members died at the Kabul Airport, and our Pretender in Chief couldn’t even dignify the hand-off of their bodies. Just like the fall of Saigon in Vietnam, as the final flights left the Kabul Airport, our Nations armed-forces service dogs were released onto the streets of Kabul to be gunned down, tortured or butchered by our enemies. The day after the last US Troops left Afghanistan, the Taliban held a massive parade of $40 billion in abandoned US Military vehicles and armaments. Above the parade, a US Black Hawk helicopter could be seen hovering above with one of our abandoned Afghan Allies, branded a “Traitor,” suspended by the neck and dangling in the sky. How many others will face a similar fate of torture, hanging, stoning, beheading, mutilation or rape? The Taliban were given a list of our Citizens and Allies names, and they have our entire biometric identification database along with mobile field scanners. Even before our troops were entirely gone, murder squads were going door-to-door to rape, torture or slaughter any occupants identified as “Traitors.” The scene is reminiscent of Ancient Rome’s annihilation of Carthage.

Can we expect accountability from our leaders? Our Pretender in Chief, Vice-Pretender, House Speaker, Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Representatives (still on Recess playing on the monkey-bars), select Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff, and every General and Admiral assigned to the Pentagon have gotten down on their calloused knees, opened their lying lips nice and wide, and given “aid and comfort” to the cankerous flaccid reproductive appendages of every terrorist that threatens the free world, along with Xi Jinping, and every one of the Chinese Communist Party’s lap dogs in American mainstream and social media that ever “knew,” in a Biblical sense, a billy-goat’s buttocks. Instead of apologies, our leaders gloat about the great job that they did.

Already, patriotic and honorable Military Officers and Enlisted are speaking out and resigning their commissions or requesting separation. What have they sacrificed, fought and died for these past 20 years? They leave Afghanistan to return to Bidenistan! 

Is this really our legitimate government? If you wanted to utterly destroy the United States of America and its Constitutional Republic, and completely remove the trust of our allies; would you, could you, do anything more than what our government has done already during the past six months? We now know that our voting machines were hacked by Communist China in all 50 States during the 2020 election. We also have reports from the forensic audit in Arizona that there appears to be huge “inconsistencies,” and cover-ups by local election officials including destruction of evidence, and refusal to hand-over court ordered voting machine routers and chain of custody documentation. What’s more, we know that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Health provided funding to the Wuhan Lab where Covid originated, which in-turn led to mail-in ballots and massive ballot harvesting and fraud in the first place. Was the United States government overthrown through foreign interference and a fraudulent election perpetrated by traitors and bolstered by massive mainstream and social media propaganda?

More important, do we, as a free people, stand a chance of surviving in a Communist or Fascist Tyranny? Are we doomed to live as slaves? Or will we suffer the same fate as Afghans; at the hands of domestic Talibiden terrorists?

As President Reagan said, we WERE only one generation away from the loss of our freedom. We are now here at the point of no return. If we do not act immediately, the United States that we once knew will be gone forever.

Here in Del Norte County, we have a rally to support the Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. The event will be held Sunday, September 5th at the corner of Highway 101 South and Elk Valley Road at 1 pm. Representatives of our local Tea Party, Moms for Liberty, Tax Payer’s Association, Rise-Up and others will be in attendance. This Special Recall Election is so important that our Pretender in Chief, Joe Biden, is scheduled to take a vacation from his debacle in Afghanistan, and the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, to support Governor Newsom in California. It seems that Vice-Pretender Kamala Harris, “The Joker” will be attending a fund raiser in California also on September 7th for Governor Newsom, who’s war chest is well above $70 million. Newsom’s most formidable contender is Larry Elder with just over $13 million in support. With endorsements and  support from Joey and Kammie, a huge war chest, fraud-laden mail-in ballots, free-for-all “print at home ballots,” and warnings of expected foreign voting machine hacks, it will be a miracle of the Recall effort can successfully compete with widespread fraud and corruption. 

We were recently given a Terrorism Alert by the Department of Homeland Security “On or around” the 20th Anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon. This is also “Preparedness Month,” so it might be prudent, given the circumstances, to stock-up on supplies. Foreign cyber-attacks on private industries and utilities are on the rise. International Shipping has backlogged and become increasingly expensive. Shortages are expected to appear on our store shelves soon. We have had over a million undocumented aliens cross our borders, and now over a hundred thousand Afghans air-lifted who are neither American citizens, or Afghan allies with visas. Out of these huge numbers of unknown entities, could we expect some to be terrorists and bad actors? Our State and Local Governments have also released tens of thousands of felons from our jails and prisons under the pretext of Covid. We also have an end to the Eviction and Foreclosure Moratoriums that will add another 750,000+ families to the already overburdened homeless population. Then we also have the $300 weekly Federal Covid Unemployment Checks coming to an end. What could go wrong?

Be prepared for food, electrical, fuel, water, communications, financial services, and other disruptions to occur. Be prepared for lock-downs more draconian than those during the height of the Covid scare. Be prepared not to travel. Expect to be completely on your own, if you have not already formed a survival alliance with others. It might be a good idea to establish a mutual aid and cooperation pact with like-minded family, friends, neighbors, church groups or conservative organizations. Do not expect any government assistance in the form of food, water, or supplies. Do not expect government protection from rioters, looters, vandalism, arson, mayhem or murder; especially if government sanctioned Antifa Black Shirts or Maoist Black Lives Matter Cultural Revolutionaries are involved. As most of us already know, our local government leaders will be looking after themselves and their cronies, and may even take part in some of the looting for their own benefit under the pretext of “confiscation of supplies for the public good.” Both the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) have detailed preparedness guidelines and recommendations for both short-term local and long-term regional and national emergencies. Become acquainted with the basics while you still have access to the internet.

Get involved locally while you still can. The Tea Party will be meeting at the Del Norte Fairgrounds Arts and Crafts Building at 4 pm on September 12th, 2021.

All patriotic citizens are also encouraged to become Election Observers on September 14th. Along with mail-in ballots that are prone to fraud, California also has new “Print at Home Ballots” which seem designed to stuff the ballot boxes like never before. Our Secretary of State has also been advised by a coalition of Cyber-Security professionals about probable foreign interference and voter machine hacks during this coming September 14th California Special Election. 

Do you deserve your freedom? Then EARN IT!

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