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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – September 8, 2021

Is the Covid 19 virus the new Black Plague (the Bubonic Plague) which killed 75-220 million across Europe and Asia between1346-1353?

Not hardly!! But you would think the City believes Covid 19 is the new Black Plague.

County Public Health Officer Aaron Stutz, MD addressed the Crescent City Council via ZOOM Dr. Stutz related to the Council the Virus in Del Norte County is the worst in the State, crisis level. No one disputes there’s been a spike in Covid cases in our community. Likewise, I do not minimize the spike in deaths at Wier Mortuary, requiring the need for a refrigerated portable morgue trailer to handle the increase of deaths, a dynamic never experienced at Wier. Dr. Stutz was careful and wise not to tell the Council ALL the deaths were Covid- related. Clearly, that is NOT the case.

The Crescent City Council with unanimous consensus agreed to have ALL City employees be tested WEEKLY for the Covid 19 Virus. The City already shorthanded will now COMPEL its employees to be tested WEEKLY for the Virus. In the world of ZOOM, public responses were scarce.

Of the two ZOOM comments of which I was one, I asked the Council to consider walking its decision back. Folks who contract the Virus are not dying in the streets. I asked the Council to include language like “voluntary” or “recommend ” in conducting Covid 19 testing on City employees. I reminded the Councilors there is a 240 year old document called the Constitution which protects our rights to choose what is best for us. The Council is nanny-like in telling its employees what’s best for them. The claim the testing is FREE is a myth. Nothing is free. Someone always has to pay. And it’s you, the Public, who pays. Don’t expect the City to get around to doing its job, as long as WEEKLY testing remains intact.

Sadly, the Council overstepped its authority on employee oversight.

In other City activity, the Council “rubber stamped” the Planning Commission decision to approve the Conditional Use Permit to Crescent Ocean Grown to grow indoor marijuana at the old Turf Club, 900 Front St, in the heart of downtown. The vote was 3-1, Councilor Beau Smith dissenting.

One thought on “Does Crescent City Government Think We’re Dealing With The Black Plague?”
  1. It is a joke……you are not tested in order to go to the doctor, they take your temperature… are not tested when you go to the hospital, they take your temperature, nor when you go to the school nurse, they take your temperature, etc. Another insane woke decision by your local government. I wrote a song about it and it goes like this……Mandatory testing, false positive, then quarantine all the city employees that were in contact with the false positive and so on and so on, and so on…….Won’t stop until most are quarantined and home and you the tax payer get to pay the cost of this woke California insane decision and you also get to pay for the loss of productivity caused every week by every employee being tested. The city is not being maintained as it is…..weeds, dirty parking lots, overgrown landscaping, beach front is dirty and the BBQ area has been destroyed by the homeless, yet we have time for this insane nonsense. What is the answer you say…..pretty simple….. if you have a bad football coach you fire him…..if you have bad players, you fire them……Your coach is the city manager, and the players are the city council……You figure it out.

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