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Reprinted by permission from Candidate Lori Cowan – May 14, 2016 –

I am running for County Supervisor for many reasons, all of which are close to my heart and have or will affect my family and more importantly our community as a whole.

It’s time for A New View in District #2.

Last Chance Grade…..I have been following this issue as I’m sure many of you have. Like all of you I drive that road regularly, NOW my kids do. I am not willing to wait until 2039 for a fix. At a recent town hall meeting with Cal Trans, we were told that if there was a slide, the road would only be down a few weeks, a month tops. I find that hard to believe.  I will push for emergency status , so it can get done sooner rather than later.

Sutter Coast Hospital…..We need a full service hospital, whether it’s Sutter Coast or possibly someone else. We need a hospital that is willing to bring more Doctors and specialists to our area so we don’t need to go out of town for BASIC services. Every time you or your love ones need to travel outside our county it creates a financial burden on our families.

Revitalizing our Community….. We are surrounded by the most beautiful landscape, yet our town seems to be neglected in some areas. I want to clean up and revitalize our community so people will stop not just drive thru. I want to make it easier for our citizens to invest in our area with opening small business and achieving the American dream.

I am a Realtor, I am embarrassed by the bight in some areas when I drive around with clients. That is NOT who we are as a community.

I have lost the opportunity to sell a home to an out of the area client because of the lack of services at the Hospital.

When asked if they can or cannot do something with their home my answer is always it depends on when you call and who you ask. There is NO PATH  a homeowner can follow that is the same every time with every person. I get that there are variations, but we need to have consistency.

I am the person who will ask the questions that need to be asked and do what it takes to get the job done.

My opponent has had multiple terms to work on these problems and has chosen to ignore or work against them. It’s time for a new view for District #2.


9 thoughts on “Does District #2 Need A New View?”
  1. As much as the inclination to dump on DHHS is there, I keep waiting for one of the people running for office to realize that the inability of DHHS to solve the poverty problem in Del Norte County is not something that they are going to be able to do. Government programs, many touted by the incumbents, in particular Martha McClure, David Finnigan, and Kathryn Murray of the City, are never going to bring prosperity. Something for most everyone to do and get paid for it is the only thing that will lessen the welfare rolls. You may attempt to manipulate the way that DHHS functions in as many ways as possible, but it will have almost zero affect until you make something else more appealing. No jobs or low wage jobs will not cut it. The entitlement culture since the late 70’s has had enough time to become permanent for many generations of families through out the County. Much of this can be tied directly to the growth of government and the compulsion by County leaders to keep going to that well. We all can’t work for the government. There has to be something else. County leadership should be reducing the level of government and stream lining the means for individuals to develop an emerging economy unfettered by local government, and the State as well. Only then will something come about which is more appealing to generational welfare recipients.

    1. Samuel,

      I agree that DHHS can not solve the poverty problem in Del Norte County. But DHHS can do a much better job helping its clients find employment. One prime example is that DHHS could have a Job Training Program for those on Cal Fresh (Food Stamps)to help those on Cal Fresh to find employment or to gain new skills and find better employment. It seems that DHHS is far more concerned with putting families on aid than they are helping families get off aid.

        1. That is great. Just make sure you don’t only get DHHS’ perspective as they will be self serving as DHHS is far more concerned with putting families on aid than they are helping families get off aid.
          Talk to others such as the Workforce Center and the Department of Rehabilitation (they are in the Workforce Center), and Scott Feller the Director of Rural Human Services {ask him about how DHHS operates when it comes to jobs).

          1. Lisa, you continue to miss the point. Whether DHHS does or does not do an adequate job, or that people in the workforce center think that DHHS is dropping the ball all over the place, the real issue is not something that the various agencies can really do anything consequential about it. When dealing with human beings, there is NO expected outcome. Hence, to say with absolute authority that either DHHS or the people at the workforce center have the answers is preposterous. I have listened to both of your sides and conclude that neither have all the answers.

      1. Lisa, You can offer as many government programs as you like and have the best people running those programs,you still have to deal with people who are comfortable expecting others to support them,people who do not wish to be trained, or be productive, have no skills or education and absolutely no interest in acquiring said education or training. In addition,DHHS has no real ability to generate jobs or an economy for anybody with new skills or a better education. This impass leaves DHHS only one option,which if entitled, to put them on welfare. “Doing a better job” becomes relative and depends on what you have to work with. As I stated earlier, we have what is preferred to as generational welfare existing in the County. Many aid recipients have a lengthy history on welfare. In addition, we have a fair number of people that relocate here only to apply for aid. Many have NO intention of improving their lot and resist any and all attempts by DHHS to do so. Also, as I stated earlier until you can provide something that will induce this kind of people, a growing economy with jobs, to change what has become a life style, not an improved DHHS or any other government program will make any headway.

  2. dear lisa, I will answer that question for you, I am the “other” Candidate. One of the issues that has perplexed the DHHS system is the fact that women who are currently on the welfare program were told the loopholes so that when they became pregnant, they were asked if they could go off the system for two months and then reapply after two months so that they could get welfare for the new unborn child, as well as the other children including all benefits. I think since the director “resigned” that may stop.

    As 5th district supervisor, I would ask all of the hard questions and make the directors accountable for their actions. We as a community cannot adequately function if we continue to do the wrong thing. I believe in being hard on the issue, while empowering the client.

    1. Linda, thanks for the reply. I am in district 2 so I can not vote for you.

      One thing I would recommend would be more specifics (i.e. steps you would take).

      I wonder if Lori Cowan will respond.

  3. Del Norte County has one of the highest percentages in California of its population that receives public assistance. However the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has repeatedly shown itself to be dysfunctional and unable to help move its clients out of poverty.

    Recent events such as the hiring and subsequent resignation of the DHHS Director as well as multiple formal complaints about the DHHS Program Management staff by both DHHS staff and various members of the public have shed light on the problems at DHHS.

    In the past, Board of Supervisors have had a “Hands off” philosophy and refuse to address the fundamental problems at DHHS which has allowed DHHS’ dysfunction.

    If you are elected, what specific steps would you take to reform DHHS and help it to focus on moving its clients out of poverty?

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