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My name is Wesley Nunn and I’ve had the misfortune of having Judge Chris A. Doehle prevail over some cases I’ve had in the local court. Under Judge Doehle’s rule, I was forced to go to the Court of Appeals in San Francisco to overturn one of Doehle’s decisions. It was simple law and Doehle refused to correct it when I brought it to her attention. In the end, the Court of Appeal agreed with me and reversed Doehle with orders for her to reconsider her decision. Doehle’s bad ruling wasted months of my time as well as plenty of taxpayer dollars. That was five months ago and I’m still waiting for her to abide by the higher court’s order.

That’s not all. Last year I brought proof to Judge Doehle that the attorney for the opposing party resorted to making false statements to the court. Judge Doehle not only protected the attorney and the false statements as freedom of speech, but she also fined me over $2,500 for bringing the issue to the attention of the court. Judge Doehle again ignored the plain law that makes it illegal for an attorney to mislead the court (Business & Professions Code Section 6128). Judge Doehle’s act violated my due process rights as protected by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U. S. Constitution by refusing my right to introduce the evidence that would prove the attorney’s statement was false and meritless. Now I’ll have to go back to the Court of Appeal to reverse this blatantly wrong and abusive ruling. In her campaign, I’ve heard her say that she’s made mistakes and learned from them. I don’t believe her. Under California law, any judge has the inherent power to correct their own bad ruling and to date, she’s made no attempt to do right.

I’m not an attorney myself and I’ve had the lowest of tricks played on me, the very lowest of them done by Judge Doehle. I can’t help but think this comes from retaliation for joining Donna Westfall in her fight against local corruption. There’s plenty more abuse by Judge Doehle and I’ll be writing again within the week. Please write in your questions or comments and I’ll try to respond.

Please vote against Judge Doehle so I can get the fair and impartial court decisions that the law entitles me to.

2 thoughts on “Does Judge Doehle Refuse to Follow the Law? Or Does She Not Know the Law?”
  1. Answer to; “Does Judge Doehle Refuse to Follow the Law? Or Does She Not Know the Law?
    – She refuses to follow the law.
    I believe that she’s on a power trip and can do as she pleases.I had a case before her that she could have corrected with minimal effort. She said as much herself! I watched helplessly as she directed the issue towards a course where abject injustice was shoved down my throat. She lacks compassion and conscience.
    I also had to seek higher courts for intervention to correct her wrong-doing.
    The matter was resolved seamlessly in my favor OUT of her courtroom.

  2. Can you expand on what you are refering to? I see a bunch of vague statements about something we are now having to guess about. Judges do this all the time. They are told lies by, lets say by the defense. Then the plaintiff, not wanting to lie:(lets say for instance the plaintiff was asked by the Judge, “How many days the single parent had custody their kid.” Unless they wrote it down every day they had their child, they would not have that exact percentage answer. So they say “I cannot tell you this number exactly at this time Judge.” Then the judge asks the defendant and the defendant says, “One hundred percent of the time.” The judge now has his/her answer. Even if you can prove otherwise instantly, the non-liar is punished because they did not lie or purger themselves. This is a great way for the judges, lawyers, & amp; affiliates of the court to make even more monies from more hours of work that would have been unnecessary.

    If the truth would have been heard at that five minute section, but no! They will make a ruling based on fraudulence or put it on a calendar for some other day. They did not want to take the extra few minutes to hear a rebuttal statement, & amp; then rule. They know this person will now have to retain a lawyer. The judge now knows the individual is so upset now, that he/she will most likely want to set the record streight, and he/she will be forced to open at least two cases now. One for an order to show cause and another to now fight for custody. Now the courts (lawyers/judges) will make exorbitant amounts of money. From this particular section of litigants. This is only one example of a sliver of individuals which they know how to drain funds from. All because they didn’t want to waste court time so they can get that lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00. Ridiculous amounts of injustice for the honest. Incredible amounts of upheld fradulent justice for individuals that know exactly how to manipulate the system. So I ask you this(?), (author of this article). Can you please give detail into your case and explain these infractions. So we can make the determination to what you see as an injustice..??

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