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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – June 5, 2018 –

How many of us can recognize the French Revolution in its new less lethal form?  Are the majority of us still being sucked in by the distractions that major media, including what passes for news and journalism, continue to spoon feed us?  What about the subtle mind games and psychological perversions with not so hidden messages buried within so called harmless comic book characters’ bantering and pseudo-philosophical statements?

We are bombarded constantly with this crap.  There is no better word for it.  Manure is useful.  Crap is useless.  How many of can see the obviousness of this simple statement?

I am listening to the political ads for the election to be held on June 5th.  How many of us listen to the teacher’s unions ads endorsing anyone?  How many times do I have to tell you, if you continue doing the same thing expecting different results, you are insane?  California’s schools are in the toilet.  Public schools are a failure at this point.  So I am supposed to vote based on the advice of losers, failures, and their sycophantic union bosses?

California is so liberal and so sick, the logic expounded is the hated President Trump, you know the guy who lowered taxes, supposedly reduced unemployment to 50 year lows, and is bringing the Koreas together, and his education secretary Betsy DeVos want to take money from our public schools and give it to corporate run charter schools.  Given the results being achieved by our public schools, I wouldn’t care if they were taking dollars and handing them to chimps.  At least chimps are entertaining.

As I am writing this before election day, I will bet that Marshall Tuck is not the schools superintendent choice of easily duped Californians.  Gavin Newsom will be the top vote getter for governor even as he continues to support Jerry Brown’s illegal and largely ignorant decisions on a wide range of topics.  The United Nations Agenda 21 is wholeheartedly pushed by those who believe in the divisive propaganda of progressivism.

I will leave California politics for that of the national scene.  Once again Hollywood is the source of more nonsense that none of us need to consider on any serious basis.  I saw the tweet of Roseanne Barr designed to denigrate Valerie Jarrett.  Evidently any time that Planet of the Apes is mentioned it is synonymous with calling a black person an ape.  From what I remember of watching Charlton Heston in that series along with subsequent episodes is that those apes aped human negative attributes and were no better or worse than any human black or white in our current society.

Then we have Samantha Bee, another non-funny comedienne, who believes using derogatory and colloquial base terms along with sexual incest innuendo is the way to hammer home a political point.  The interesting commonality and dichotomy between Barr and Bee is they both apologized but the liberal Bee is still working.

A commentator for whom I have great respect, Mark Levin, took the tack that if one is fired, all should be fired.  I disagree.  I don’t need Mark Levin or his direct opposite a governmental bureaucrat deciding who or what I can or shouldn’t hear or see.  For a man who regularly espouses “freedom” he doesn’t appear to recognize this assault on my personal freedom to choose.  If I don’t like the message I can literally turn off the media physically or by walking out of a performance.

I don’t waste my time watching late night talk shows liberally laced with liberals lamenting their lack of control to continue their agenda of destruction.  I got bored with the first Roseanne show and have never seen an episode of its resurrection.  However, that is my choice and I don’t need it made for me by a stalwart on the conservative right or a liberal television exec on the left vapidly and hopefully looking for any excuse to kill a highly successful show which had the nerve to praise Donald Trump.

So how does any of this relate to the French Revolution?  The politics of envy and class warfare were the primary movers of the guillotine.  Heads were severed just as livelihoods are now decapitated from those accused of unproven crimes where the victim either benefitted directly through career enhancement or suffered with imaginary, hypochondriac based trauma, or real psychological damage that cannot be differentiated by laymen or even those trained in that realm of pseudo-science.

The “me too” movement is vigilantism based on pure allegation in the majority of situations.  There are very few instances where the sophomoric antics of person who later becomes a US Senator were captured in still photos.  Considering some of the movies I have recently watched in their uncut versions, I have to wonder why we have entered a second Victorian prudish age in America.  This is not feminist empowerment.  It is feminist tyranny and emotional based hormonal retribution.

I am not interested in the soap opera.  Your bad choices are not my concern.  All of this is dilution of the limited attention span of the average United States citizen.  Rather than concentrating on a phony Russian collusion investigation now coupled with the emplacement of a spy within a presidential campaign, all coordinated by liberals including a sitting President whose legacy was on the line with the potential of a political outsider gaining the office, we are supposed to be equally concerned with perceived sexual peccadilloes or graphic statements rather than pursuing the one person who has been proven to have colluded with Russians to influence the election by paying for a phony dossier used to get a FISA warrant to spy on her opponent.

One can look at all of this as a cacophony of distraction designed to confuse the majority of us from recognizing the real “greatest conspiracy of all time”.  One symptom of the disease is Al Gore’s man made global warming or climate change scam.  How did Germans come to believe Jews were the cause of their economic despair?  How does any theory take hold and become a movement toward destructive ends?

On my 70th birthday on Saturday, I went to see the latest episode of the Avengers movie series.  The prior installment had the liberal message that the loss of any innocent life as collateral damage while using the requisite force to win a war and save humanity was somehow a crime.  This is mental indoctrination as those characters we are supposed to connect with on some level actually bought into this nonsense.  I was not expecting anything so blatant in the latest followup.  I was wrong.

The tired and cliched argument that human population, or in this case galactic population, is unsustainable and humanity can only survive through an indiscriminate culling has been expounded many times and in many ways.  The funny thing is that those who want to do the culling always survive to enjoy the new utopia.  Well maybe it isn’t all that funny.

While adults may laugh this off or not even realize they are being influenced on some mental level, children are much more easily indoctrinated as no one tells them this is just fiction.  This thought pattern becomes their reality.  You want another reason why young people have no problem becoming mass murderers at schools besides violent video games or copy cat attention drawing lethal actions?  This type of mental perversion is your answer.

Much as the Muslim jihadist believes the words of his Islamic mullahs while never understanding the humanity within his victim, we all are being subjected to blind beliefs where real solutions are not explored.  Just as California’s liberal politicians and this country’s progressives push the concept of limited resources, very few understand that these same people stand in the way of real progress and abundant resources.

California has the Pacific Ocean as a water resource.  California refuses to create more water storage and is in fact looking at or tearing down dams.  Desalination is not new.  Those who want you to believe in limits want you to conserve … or leave the State.

Do you think there is a reason that State legislators have no concern that businesses and people are leaving California?  Agriculture is under attack by limiting the potential for properly irrigating fertile soils which feed far more than just the population of our State.  These fools have bought into Agenda 21 and its goal to eliminate 90% of the human population.  So don’t think that “art doesn’t imitate life” even if that life or reality is only the pipedream of a crazy person.

Why is it that the megalomaniac attempting to control the world always has a desire to hurt or harm those in it?  Are we humans so perverse that we get enjoyment or pleasure from watching our fellow man suffer?  I am waiting for Hollywood to come out with movie where the hero takes control and all have a better life because of it.  Where is my John Galt?  Where is my Jesus the Christ?  Where is my yet to be named super hero who promotes libertarian principles of personal freedom and accountability?

Are you as tired of the negativity within our society as I am?  When are we going to rise up and say enough is enough?  We don’t have to physically hurt anyone.  We just need to tell those who are in control that they are being removed by our representatives who know our desires.  This means the dismantling of the entire governmental bureaucracy and a monumental decrease in its size.  The screaming and wailing you will hear emanates from those who must now do productive work.

To leave you on a positive note, I was greatly pleased to hear that President Trump pardoned both Scooter Libby and Dinesh D’Souza.  Libby was guilty of nothing while D’Souza broke campaign finance laws and had the audacity to denigrate the Obama in film.  The truth often hurts especially when you are inured in your own ideology.

If you think you are helpless and can’t have an effect, that outcome will occur.  If you speak up, confront those with warped views, and don’t go along as the silent majority, anything is possible.  California’s politics will be corrected either by those with common sense or by the implosion from confiscatory taxation and overreaching regulation.

This primary election will be a prophet of that future …

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