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Public Letter to David Benor at the DHSS from Jill Jennings-McElheney – June 14, 2019 – Subject:  Weight of Evidence and Cause of Action

In Fall of 2014 at my request, HHS employees met with me, and a panel I assembled of seasoned experts in their respective academic and professional fields.  The subject was detrimental human health impacts of water fluoridation.
I organized this meeting as a mother.  I was water poisoned while expecting.  My baby went on to develop an early childhood malignancy known to be initiated in the womb.
I felt it was important to bring the issue of water fluoridation injury before HHS so that pregnant women and their children could be protected from a major fluoride exposure pathway.  I know firsthand the life long trauma associated with loss of God-given potential.   The failure of government personnel to dignify, notify, and remove identifiable environmental health hazards until after a “low target population” experiences injury is discriminatory abuse.
The HHS staff who met with me did not disclose beforehand the extensive nature of their relationship with lobbying third parties.  I read FOIA documents afterwards which indicated the same HHS employees who met with me, were privately pursuing consultations with influential profiteers of water fluoridation.  This financial conflict of interest would explain the odd follow-up responses from HHS employees, dodging all proper, ethical, and legal pathways to remedy this endangerment.  My team and I were met with jurisdictional mumbo jumbo, and a confounding pushback after our compelling materials were presented.  It appears the HHS employees met with me in bad faith.  See attached letter.
Coming up almost five (5) years later, I have not seen or heard of any federal government employee presenting Congressional testimony outlining the harm of water fluoridation.  On the contrary, after the aforementioned 2014 meeting in bad faith, a startling 2015 multi-agency collaboration spearheaded by HHS, was published in the Federal Register to continue expanding water fluoridation and collecting human experimental data.
Prenatal programming and developmental toxicology (PPTOX) demand federal agencies stop the money flow and jurisdictional punting that perpetually prop up whole body dosing of fluoride through drinking water.  The exposure is known here and now to be unsafe for pregnant women and their offsprings.
Dwindling drinking water resources and stressed infrastructure from unabated climate change, are growing crises of national security.  Fluoride infused into finished drinking water exacerbates resource instability.  Yet, fluoride has never been properly assessed for the historical damage it has caused from over seventy years of pseudo safety and efficacy claims.
Why is this?
Washington, DC has itself experienced one of the most lingering and dangerous water poisonings to pregnant women and young children.  This devastation was then covered up by the same federal agencies who follow an antiquated playbook in promoting water fluoridation.  I was on Capitol Hill advocating for safe water when this green crime was occurring in DC.  I felt compelled to advise Legislative Assistants of child bearing age to stay clear of DC water, and ignore the egregious April Fool’s joke on the front page byline of Roll Call.
How is that:
1.  One of the most important life sustaining forces on the planet can be legally contaminated by an extremely hazardous material not conducive to life?
2.  That this contamination can then be legally forced on generations by a scientifically and ethically compromised medical program?
3. That this mass medicalization and iatrogenic fall-out have been on jurisdictional autopilot for over half a century?
Where is the oversight?
Since the HHS meeting in 2014, I have kept the HHS staff that met with me informed, along with your umbrella agencies, on emerging research.   The mounting scientific weight of evidence qualifies as a cause of action.
As we met with HHS in 2014, the citizens of Flint, Michigan were being intentionally misled and water poisoned in real time.  Catastrophic exposures of the entire town occurred, resulting in deaths, severe emotional anquish, and irreparable damage to envirovictims.  Although all criminal charges of public health and government officials were dropped this week, the envirovictims of Flint were informed “justice delayed is not justice denied.”  Prosecutors stated they will continue to retrieve evidence for consideration of future criminal charges.
Most recently, research from the engineering team who broke the cover up of the Flint water poisoning, identified another previously unknown window of water poisoning to the town residents.  As this exposure news makes it way to the press and those families whose children suffered from it, scrutiny will again be on public health and government officials.  It is time for callous antagonism to be replaced by transparency and good faith.
I would like to request a time with you to discuss your interpretation of the legal duty of HHS, as it relates to these matters.
Please let me know when you will be available.

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