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By Donna Westfall – June 5, 2021

His name is Taupe. He was seen 2 days ago being walked down Cooper Avenue towards the Cemetery by three decently dressed young men in their 20’s. They had him on a ratty leash and then one of the men kicked the dog repeatedly.

His owner, Chuck, desperate to find his canine friend came by Cooper Avenue not long after the three walked off. He implored his human friend to call law enforcement for some help.

Dispatch received the call on Thursday afternoon, June 3rd. Both City and County law enforcement were very helpful while taking the call

When you’re homeless and your best friend is a 40 pound sweet Pit Bull, you need all the help you can get. Chuck does not have a cell phone. If you see his best friend, Taupe, please call 707 464 4191 and let them know.

One thought on “Dognapping”
  1. Wow! How much difference a decade makes. The empathy shown by Law Enforcement, to dispatch Immediately and pursue the criminals in this particular case deserves praise!

    In contrast a Decade ago I called 911 to Report a Burglary and Grand Theft of a $8,500.00 off-road closed-course motorcycle, only to be told by Sheriff’s dispatch, Quote: “We don’t do those, we are too understaffed. ” I was stunned and clarified with the woman, that what she was telling me was accurate, in that they did NOT do Burglary Reports in their jurisdiction. “Affirmative.” she exclaimed! So, State Police came out, took the report and dusted for prints.

    Quite the Contrast again. I am praying that Chuck and Taupe are re-united.

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