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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – October 8, 2021

On second thought kill the messenger.  For the past nearly two years we
here in the United States have endured the hysteria, misinformation, and
fabrication from the Legacy Media, print news like the Washington Post,
The New York times, and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as numerous
liberal magazines and liberal/progressive social media blogs about the
shifting narrative over the dangers of the Corona Virus.  As the
narrative from these sources begins to fail, the narrative shifts to
bolster the propaganda being spewed by various federal, state and local
authorities as well as the medical establishment to adopt measures that
are clearly NOT working.

First it was no need for masking, then, everyone had to mask up. Social
distancing and stay at home orders were going to flatten the curve.  The
vaccines will be the game changers when 70% of the population was fully
vaccinated.  Herd immunity can be achieved. Natural immunity would help
restore normal activity, then it seems even that wasn’t enough.  Sky
rocketing confirmed cases of Covid, huge numbers of those infected,
hospitals over run with Covid patients, deaths from Covid in the
hundreds of thousands.  All this in a Country that has the best medical
system in the world.

How much of it is an out right lie?  Has the world ended due to the
Pandemic?   Has masking, social distancing, and stay at home orders
accomplished anything resembling a curb on the virus?  Have vaccines,
the golden promise, done anything to halt the continued progression of
Covid  through the population?  Have all the medical and governmental
programs altered the continued presence of Covid any where for any
length of time?  Clearly the answer is an emphatic NO!

Already, except for die hard Democrats, the media has the lowest
reliability rating in this Country for decades.  Politicians and
bureaucrats are right there with them.  If the Medical Establishment
wishs to follow in their foot steps, they need merely to continue with
what they are currently doing.  The narrative is failing on nearly a
daily exposure to news from other sources both within this Country and
from other countries.  The UK, then Israel, and now New Zealand are
experiencing an up surge of Covid cases.  Both the UK and Israel have
well over 70% of their populations fully vaccinated.  New Zealand, had
previously established almost prison like conditions in the island
nation to avoid the unavoidable and is now experiencing the virus it had
thus far evaded.

Here in the US both Governor Abbott of Texas and Governor DeSantis of
Florida were excoriated over their handling of the Delta variant’s
impact in both States by the media, the federal government, and the
Medical “Experts”.  Now that those States have seen a decline in Covid
activity and the virus has moved on and led to a surge in five New
England “Blue” states where edicts are prevalent and vaccination rates
are all over 70%.   Those governors are given a pass in the Media and
the narrative switches back to how virulent the Delta Variant is in
those heavily vaccinated populations.  One wonders just how much the
vaccines have contributed to the formation of the Delta Variant and the
recent surges of infection.  Answers to these questions and many other
constantly swirl about the powers that be, and we are no wiser.

Numbers of confirmed cases of Covid, Covid deaths, and Covid
hospitalizations have all come under fire for over a year now. Influenza
has “disappeared” as a virus concern.   Concerns of corruption at the
FDA and CDC hover over both agencies.  Dr. Anthony Faucci has become a
laughing stock, granted a very wealthy laughing stock.  Calls of
corruption leveled at “Big Pharma”, testing issues with the RT-PCR test
which seem to be more than persistent as more false positives and
manufacturing “failures” have been revealed.  Vaccine issues continue to
climb, reaching over 570,000 reports to the CDC in the US alone. 
Millions more being reported from foreign countries, yet the mantra
continues to be “the vaccines are safe and effective, negative outcomes
are rare”.  The messenger is clearly not telling us the truth.

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