Sat. Jul 20th, 2024


Recently Syria government attacked its own people with Sarin gas killing thousands. Now, our President is considering an attack on Syria Government and has handed the issue for vote and debate to congress.

The question to consider is, are we the United States of America, the World Police? Do we have an extra one billion dollars lying around in funds to utilize for this attack? Or would one billion dollars better be utilized in America?

Granted the people in Syria are suffering and attacking them would send a message to the nations this behavior is not acceptable and using gas against innocent people is a crime. But, keep in mind we the United States hold the biggest supply of chemical gas for mass destruction so are we trying to send a message to ourselves?

The Syrian people have cried out to the United States,” Please, mind your own business you will make things worse for us”.  The Syrians have stated, “we will burn Israel if the United States attacks Syria”.   Do we need to take that chance?

Russia and Iran stand with Syria. What would it take for the Russians and Iranians to get on board to stabilize this conflict. If America attacked Syria it would not resolve anything because the Assad Regime would still exist. The G20 meetings begin this Tuesday September 5th, maybe something could be resolved at these meetings.

In case you don’t know what Sarin gas does to you, it basically attacks your muscles and nervous system to the point of exhaustion then collapse and death. However, there is an antidote which is atropine.

America is not the world police, the world Judge or the world’s executioners.  Keep in mind the British Government has informed our President they are not on board in attacking Syria.

Obama, wants to pass the buck to the Congress to vote on this situation; however, I wonder, if congress does vote NO on this item, what will Obama do? Will he still order the attack?

If our congress votes for this attack, they will literally be signing a death wish to all American people, as this vote will reflect the American peoples vote. I urge everyone to please sign the to send a message to congress that we the people are not in favor of this attack.



  1. It started with out Pres. in his great windom drawing a line in the sand. Now if we do nothing we look like a paper tiger! I do not want to put boots on the ground, but maybe we ought to take out heir air force and weapon stock piles. Before we do that we had better make sure the gasing was not done by one of the fringe groups to their own people. As far as China and Russa, if we show we are weak and do not stand up, they will end up owning us. We here in the US need to show we are strong, but we do not need to send money all the time or send our young men and women to die to prove. We need to protect the US and spend the money here to get this country growing again!

  2. While there may be ‘overwhelming evidence’ that sarin was used there, to date, has been only a blizzard of speculation / rumors of WHO delivered it. From the rebels to a Saudi prince wanting to topple Assad, UK / America selling/allowing shipments of sarin to Syria and UK pulling out support for a strike this has all the markings of a False Flag. International condemnation of chemical warfare should bring in ‘that’ international community but isn’t ? WHY?

  3. Sorry, I feel badly for the Syrian people but not to the point of committing US Troops to another war. Better we start taking care of our own country. Doesn’t make sense to me to go to war over chemical weapons used in Syria when our own government doesn’t protect us from the chemical war Monsanto is waging on our own people.

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