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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – October 27, 2021

In a recent version of Dr. Stutz’s Traveling Road Show, we were regaled
with all the reasons why the mask mandate would not be suspended.  There
is a solution, however;  get rid of Stutz.  The County could save a
bunch of money by just letting the Centers for Disease Control call the
shots for Covid preventative mandates. $130,000 or so saved in one fell
swoop.  Maybe a few trips to Japan on the other side of that move by the
Board of Supervisors. But seriously masking can be compared to setting
“Stop signs” at a busy intersection?  Surely there is more to the
thought process about utilizing “stop signs” than has been with the
effectiveness of paper or cloth masks as a virus preventative?  If you
discount the utterly worthless study by the CDC that claims masking
effectiveness, there are multiple studies from abroad saying masking has
absolutely no effect on the transmission of a virus.

The truth of the matter is that Dr. Stutz is way over his head when it
comes to making decisions regarding Covid related topics. He does not
follow the well established time line of four to six weeks for a virus
to move through populations before moving onward.   Granted it may
return to a community several times during a calendar year, but four to
six weeks is about the length of time it takes to move on.  Our
experience in this community has been precisely that.  Neither masking
nor vaccine percentage has had any effect what so ever.

Dr. Stutz’s pronouncements before the BOS every two weeks will continue
to find ways to keep masking in place no matter what.  He is asking that
two conditions be met, all surrounding numbers which have been suspect
since the opening day of the pandemic. Confirmed cases and vaccination
rates are his current goal lines for removing the mask mandate, which he
acknowledges with the on set of cold, rainy weather will be difficult to
be met.  He unapologetically is saying at least four to six more weeks
of masking is likely with his metrics allowing him to continue with
moving the finish line.  Likely it could be early January of the
continuation of a pointless masking mandate.  What is chilling is that
our BOS seems unfazed by this prospect, with Supervisor Starkey stating
she felt comfortable with wearing a mask.  For a couple of hours during
a Board meeting maybe, try working for eight hours at a check stand or
behind the counter at the Post Office, and see if you feel the same,
Supervisor Starkey.

The bottom line is that Dr. Stutz’s messaging is to merely follow
blindly the CDC’s propaganda with no thought to question as many have
the obvious problems with that propaganda.  While he is comfortable
spinning masking as comparative to a “Stop sign”, he is oblivious to the
obvious fallacy of the comparison.  He scoffs at people who are
frustrated with following a mandate that so obviously DOES NOT WORK! 
China has recently been outed in a massive way  making it clear to even
a child that intensive public restrictions, masking, social distancing,
rigid lockdowns, massed vaccination, and travel restrictions did not
prevent a significant surge of the Delta variant in China at the same
time we had ours. Dr. Stutz’s for all his hand wringing simply cannot
make an irrefutable case for continuing the mask mandate.  Our spineless
sheep at the BOS simply nod their collective heads and return to the
sheep pen to wait for release two weeks further into 2021. Happy
Holidays everyone.  Hope you find joy in continuing to wear a mask into
the New Year.

7 thoughts on “Dr. Stutz’s Traveling Road Show”
    1. I suggest you read the article more closely. As you say “complaints without suggestions are just trees that never bear fruit”. What am I complaining about and is there any fruit?

      1. My reply was meant to be directed at BigFlat.

        But I will carry the point the way you chose to interpret it–I have read many of your articles regarding the county’s stance on vaccinations, lockdowns, and masking, including the authoritarian performance of Aaron Stutz. But aside from writing these articles, what have you actually done to remove these people from power? In all the articles I have read of yours, there has never been a course of action aside from carrying signs, protesting and vocalizing at meetings. Meanwhile, these people you claim to challenge ignore and mock you.

        And where has this course of action led you? What progress have you actually made?

        At this point in time, if you are not promoting taking legal action or physical action against these people to remove them, along with an instuctional course of action that other people can get behind and contribute, then you must not be really serious. Just more talk.

        1. I think the COC for the DNUSD would beg to differ with you. Maybe a little patience is in order. It took the Left awhile to get to this point. It is going to take awhile to reverse course.

          1. Sam: Thanks for responding.

            Perhaps the Crescent City Times could publish a piece explaining just what progress has been made, what the course of action actually is (current action and future action), and how members of the commuity can help.

            Perhaps the Crescent City Times could even publish their own letter to the governor and collect signatures.

            Forgive me for being impatient. Enduring mask madness, lockdowns, and looming vaccine mandates for two years without any pushback has made me a jaded cow.

            Fearful “Karens” asking people to give up their essential freedoms makes me a mad cow. And since the Karens of the world seem to be pushing the hardest and making the most noise, I only see the conflict moving in one direction.

  1. Do you ever write about anything different or anything positive? Writing about this scat every day seems like a miserable way to spend your time. To each their own I suppose.

    1. I guess you are not a regular reader. Sorry about that. It’s to write about things that are interesting, maybe get readers out of their particular vacuum chambers. Learn something at odds with the narratives commonly found in most news outlets. Expand minds and get them out of their rut. Maybe if you think this is “scat”, you might be willing to open up a dialogue and tell me where I am wrong. You know, be productive instead of just plain “negative”. I know, it would be miserable for you to have to compose at length, exercise your mind, right? Your turn…….

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