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On 3-15-2021 at about 1740 hours Officers from the Crescent City Police Department (CCPD) responded to 665 L Street for a report of known female subject with a firearm. Management on scene had called for assistance in removal of the subject known as “Natalie” who was not a resident and was reportedly selling drugs in the area.

Upon arrival CCPD Officers located Natalie Wright (age 40) in a vehicle on the property. During a consent search of the vehicle officers located a loaded .40 caliber semi-automatic firearm along with several grams of methamphetamine, heroin, along with other evidence that led the officers to believe that Wright was selling controlled substances at the location. The firearm was also confirmed to be stolen from a vehicle in the Crescent City area in 2020.

After conducting an interview with Wright, she was arrested for possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, possession of heroin with intent to sell, prohibited person in possession of a firearm and ammunition, possession of a controlled substance while armed, and possession of stolen property. Wright was booked into custody at the Del Norte County Jail for these violations.

I would like to note that the information that led to this arrest was a direct result of a new partnership that the CCPD has with the Legacy Management as a part of our Crime Free Multi Housing Program. CCPD Officer Sanders has been recently assigned to this program and has been working on developing new connections with Managers throughout the city.

Chief Griffin

4 thoughts on “Drug Sales with Loaded Firearm Arrest 3-15-2021”
  1. Chief Griffin, it is a pleasure to read news about the fine accomplishments of our Crescent City Police Department. It is important for your team to share your front-line insights regarding safety, security and criminal activity in our community. You will find that the average readers of this publication support our local Police and value a peaceful and crime-free community. More articles like this would be subjects of great interest. Of special interest would be tips regarding the safety and security of our families and homes during these challenging times.

    Many local Senior Citizens have been shocked by the recent release of California’s jail and prison inmates during the Covid-19 Pandemic. California’s largest liberal cities have become lawless due to a combination of communist cultural revolutionary subversion and ineptitude in City Halls, Prosecutor’s Offices and the Courts. Many of these jurisdictions have actively sought to hamstring the Police while empowering rioters, gangs, and petty criminals. Let’s hope that this moral epidemic does not spread along with the Coronavirus to our remote outpost of Del Norte County.

    In San Francisco, strong-arm robbery, with injuries to the victim, are being excused on the grounds of “Social Justice” if the money or items taken result in petty theft. Shoplifting has become common-place, as are crimes against homes and property. The elderly, infirm and disabled have been especially hard-hit due to their physical vulnerability when out in public.

    Know that your community stands with you and your officers in your combat against legitimate criminals. Our only fear is that local politicians, prosecutors and judges, in their zealous pursuit of California’s “Woke” radical-leftist itineraries, might attempt to sway the focus of enforcement away from criminals, and toward the traditionally law-abiding group that are now being victimized.

  2. The County (Health & Human Services) is well aware of the drug use in their Project Homekey (Now known as Legacy) complex. I have reported this to them several times, they did nothing. It is time to start firing people at Health & Human Services.

  3. Great Job of our local CCPD. Isn’t 665 L street the building the County bought with taxpayers money to house homeless? Who is suppose to be monitoring that fort? Don’t the city police have enough on their plate without the added addition formed by Chris Howard and Heather Snow.
    Helping those who are less fortunate is one thing, I am all for it, However abusing the situation with drugs and firearms is a disaster taxing our police officers safety and security.

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