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Opinion and Commentary By Donna Westfall – December 18, 2023- Credit to Eylon Levy of the Israeli Government

Right off the bat, I don’t believe any foreign student on our American College campuses deserves to remain in our country if they are demonstrating and calling for the death and destruction of Jews and Israel. They should all be deported.

Let’s look at some numbers then ask some questions:

Since the October 7th massacre by Hamas savages, they have fired more than 12,000 missiles at Israel including from inside the alma wasi humanitarian zone. 2,000 rockets misfired falling inside Gaza on the residents of Gaza.

In day 73 of the war, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has lost 425 soldiers. To date IDF has killed 7,000 Hamas fighters. Press releases states that there were about 3,000 that took part in the October 7th massacre. Hamas claims to have between 20,000 and 25,000 members. Over 10,700 Israeli’s have been injured since the beginning of the war.

When we think about the release of the hostages still in the hands of Hamas, we’re not talking about soldiers. We’re talking about men, women and children that were kidnapped, many of the women raped. Currently 129 hostages are still imprisoned by the Hamas monsters. So says Hillary Clinton, “Rape as a weapon of war is a crime against humanity.” What happened to all the Women’s Organizations around the world? They have been very silent, annoyingly so. Seems like they don’t consider Israeli women deserving of protection from monsters.

Now compare that to the “hostages” taken by Israeli soldiers. These are men that have been convicted of stabbing and shooting attacks. And when did Hamas or any terrorist organization do a one for one hostage swap? Answer: Never.

20 of the hostages were recently murdered by Hamas. Their bodies being held by Hamas.

Hamas is still denying the Red Cross access to the remaining hostages and thus denying medical services to those held in captivity most likely in inhumane conditions. The UN is still dragging their feet about condemning Hamas and it took two months (eight weeks) for the women’s organizations working at the UN to come up with a statement condemning these acts of sexual violence. Now a call for an investigation at the UN by anti-semitics is being arranged. Disgraceful!

So says Hillary Clinton, “Rape as a weapon of war is a crime against humanity.” Hamas has denied raping anyone. Apparently there are videos that confirm they did indeed commit rape in addition to beatings and mutilation before shooting them dead.

On the other hand, complaints about Israel not allowing Humanitarian aid to the civilians of Gaza needs to be in clarified. Fact of the matter is that Hamas is stealing the food, water and aid Video’s were provided. Hamas is intent on keeping their fighters well fed.

Is it fair to say that when international agencies don’t condemn Hamas for stealing water, food and aid, they are in effect condoning their actions?

Plus, the UN wants to keep Hamas in power! Can you believe it? There can never be a two state solution with Hamas in power BECAUSE Hamas has declared repeatedly that their goal is to kill Jews and destroy Israel. And, trust me, it won’t stop there because they’re against homosexuals, etc., etc., Christians, Americans and more are all dead ducks. Where does it stop? Good question.

So when American students join in demonstrations against Israel chanting slogans like Hamas robots, “From the desert to the sea, Palestine must be free,” do they even realize what they’re saying?

I have three questions for those American students involved in these demonstrations:

1.) Do you love your Family?

2.) What would you do if strangers killed your family?

3.) Would you want to negotiate with them if they told you repeatedly, “We intend to continue killing your family, friends and neighbors?

I think not.

Plus, another reason to think a two state solution isn’t possible is because Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority (PA) declared last month that Israel, not Hamas, took part in the attack at the music festival. Abbas also believes that the Holocaust never involved antisemitism, but rather Hitler’s hatred of Jews for their money. Thinking one could negotiate with the PA over Hamas, well, if you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Now, I’ve learned that Qatar has donated billions to American universities over the last 30 years. Among them, Harvard and NYU. Is it any wonder then that speakers who’s talks don’t include favorable topics to Arab nations are not invited, or are picketed, or told they cannot speak? Is it any wonder than pro-Arab teachers are employed by these universities?

Personally I applaud all those donors that have pulled their money out of these universities. I also think employers are wise to boycott those students that are taking part in these demonstrations.

When I look at the educational rankings of our 50 states and see that California is towards the bottom, believe me, I don’t think my taxes are being spent wisely. I would very much like to stop paying taxes but it seems that my only alternative is to move out of the state I was born in and grew up in. I heard taxes in Texas are lower. Texas does not have a state income tax. Let’s look at their gas prices as of today’s date:

AAA National Average $3.06

AAA California average $4.606 except in Crescent City it was $5.89/gal

AAA Texas average $2.538 Less than half of what we pay in Crescent City. No wonder so many of us drive to Brookings, Oregon to gas up.

Let’s get back to Hamas and our college students. Do any of them ask these questions:

1.) Why has Hamas spent the last 16 years building tunnels instead of creating infrastructure and jobs for the poverty stricken people of Gaza? (IDF has exposed 800 tunnels and destroyed 500.) The millions and millions of dollars used to build miles and miles of tunnels was to provide water supply, electricity, communication, weapons, and concrete structures some large enough to drive trucks through. Plus they were built under hospitals, schools, private residences and mosques.

2.) Do you know that Israel only provided 7.7% of the water to Gaza through two water pipelines? Per Mr. Levy, one was “destroyed by a Hamas mortar in the early days of the conflict and then had to be repaired under fire.” Hamas released a video boasting they had dug up the other pipeline in order to turn them into rockets. The rest of their water was locally sourced and treated including from desalination plants. But these plants need fuel and Hamas is sitting on the fuel it needs to continue the war rather than used for running the desalination plants.

Do you think there’s any chance these American student protestors will change their minds?

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