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By Branden Bieber – May 23, 2022

That’s right, the Government now claims that one of five people reading this are clinically Mentally Ill.  Maybe, a higher percentage for readers of Crescent City Times who disagree with the Governments enabling of bad living standards.  Will morals, consequences, or fiscal responsibility now be considered so extreme as to label each other Mentally Ill?  What is the threshold for diagnosis?  No coincidence, our local Board of Supervisors recently proclaimed May as Mental Illness Awareness Month as their Un-American leadership has resulted in systemic community depression. 

The Government is intent to further divide our community, and create diagnosed stereotypes to allow for the continued expansion of social services.  “Labeling Theory” illustrates the dangers of stigmatized labels and the social control agents that treat and label their patients.  Once a person is diagnosed and social service dependent the Government will continue to “Nanny” the patient’s freedoms.  Government to the rescue, as more Department of Health and Human service positions impose increased medical services that attract, diagnose and treat anyone walking.

But there is reason for optimism.  And, it shines in the light of LIFE. 

We are a strong, independent, and sustainable community.  Despite Governments dark cloud of existence, the people continue to be progressive and optimistic.  A person is NOT mentally ill for being discouraged, or the lack of employment opportunities, or their decreased disposable income.   These circumstances are a part of “LIFE.”  Circumstances determined by individuals and promoted through the policy of our Board of Supervisors. 

This article does not attempt to diminish the hardships the Mentally Ill and their families endure.  As with “LIFE”, the human mind is wondrous yet fragile.  And exactly why, Government should stay out of the business of Health Care Provider.  We see countless examples of homeless and underprivileged people littering under business canopies, desecrating in our cemetery and parks, and creating an unsafe (unhealthy) environment for our children. 

It’s time we instate accountability back into the framework of life!  Give citations to people who are a safety concern to themselves or the community.  After extraditing offenders to their place of origin, we can begin properly caring for the residents of Del Norte County.  Insuring people are not substance dependent and have opportunities for employment and home ownership are the only long term cures for Mental Illness. 

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