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By Donna Westfall – June 7, 2022

The polls will remain open until 8 pm. That’s 8 tonight. On election day, initial results from Vote-By-Mail ballots are expected to be posted shortly after the polls close at 8pm.  The last set of results for the evening are typically posted by 11pm on election night.

Updates and election results will be posted to the Del Norte County website and the Del Norte County Facebook page.

Or you can receive updates via emails by sending an email to:

If you don’t know where to go to vote there are 19 different locations the majority being in the City then one in Smith River, one in Fort Dick, one in Klamath, one in Hiouchi and one in Gasquet. If you have any questions, go to the Del Norte County website and pull up ELECTIONS then scroll down to POLLING LOCATIONS.

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