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November 7, 2018 – Latest results from Del Norte County Elections Office.

First the Measures:

Measure C – increase the TOT tax 2% to help the harbor – won… 7,008 votes cast.  Won by 54.69%

Measure B – tax cannabis – won…6,967 votes cast.  Won by 62.75%

Del Norte County Fairgrounds Board – (Vote for 3)

All encumbents won… Douglas Wakefield, Steven Westbrook and Sabina Renner

Smith River Fire Protection (Vote for 2)

James E. Flowers, Darrell Moorehead

Crescent City Harbor District – (Vote for 2)

Rick Shepard, Carol White

Hussey Ranch – (Vote for 2)

Mark Ephland, Sally Sarina

Crescent City, City Council Member – (Vote for 2)

Blake Inscore, Isaiah Wright

School Board Trustee, District 5

Jamie L. Forkner

School Board Trustee, District 2

Angela Greenough






2 thoughts on “Election Results: Del Norte County”
  1. Measure C – increase the TOT tax 2% to help the harbor – won… 7,008 votes cast. Won by 54.69%

    If you want less of something, tax it more. Tourism is the life of this town, and it can go away with more decisions like this.

  2. I believe there was some confusion as to whether or not Measure C would be considered passed if it only passed with a simple majority. Was that ever clarified? And what was the determination? 50% plus one, or was the threshold higher? Is there a California election code number that confirms what ever threshold was settled on?

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