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Angry Old American – October 3, 2023

Tomorrow. October 4th, 2023, there will be a test of the Emergency Alert System. This is nothing new for
those of us who are old enough to remember the Civil Defense Emergency Broadcast System and
Emergency Alerts that periodically were broadcast on radio and television. “This is a test of the
Emergency Broadcast System. This is just a test. If this had been an actual alert you…” Times and
technology have changed. Hardwired phones have largely been supplanted by cellular phones, and
broadcast radio and television have given way to cable and satellite TV, and the internet with streaming
content and social media.

This will be the first indication that all might not be well in the United States. While the rest of the world
has been preparing fallout shelters and bunkers for their populations in the event of nuclear war; the
American public has been kept fat-dumb-and-happy clueless. Last month both South Korea and Japan
held exercises where citizens evacuated target zones and took shelter in hardened bunkers. Most NATO
countries in Europe have also been preparing fallout shelters and holding drills.

Yesterday, Russia held a nuclear preparedness drill for their entire country across all eleven time zones.
Russian Citizens were required to travel to their local fallout shelters. Afterward, there was a simulation
of 60+% of residential areas being destroyed, and massive disruptions of infrastructure including roads,
bridges, dams, power generation and transmission lines, water purification and sewage systems, and
communication networks.

World War III has not been formally declared, but a majority of the world has acknowledged that such a
state of war exists, and are overtly preparing for the balloon to go up.

Only the United States and the UK have kept their citizens in the dark. This might be due to the lack of
preparedness by these governments to protect their citizens during a thermonuclear war.

We no longer have a Civil Defense System in the United States. Old Cold War Fallout Shelters have long
been abandoned and stripped of gear and supplies. HAM radio systems for emergency communications
have actually been suppressed by our current Federal Government Regime. The rich and powerful have
invested in bomb and fallout shelters and survival retreats. Many of the media celebrities that keep the
public blissfully ignorant and asleep have their bugout and shelter preparations in place also.

Our government officials, and the military have been preparing to insure continuity of government after a
nuclear strike. Deep Underground Military Bunkers are stocked and ready to be occupied.

The consensus among military planners is that a High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) attack will
be launched before the first nuclear bombs detonate in the USA. This HEMP attack will be designed to
destroy all three power grids, along with communication systems and semiconductor electronics.
Simultaneous attacks will be launched on US satellites used for surveillance, communications and gps.
Should Russian bombers reach their fail-safe points over the Arctic and release nuclear armed hypersonic
missiles, it would take approximately ten minutes for these cruise missiles to reach their targets. We have
no defense against these weapons and they will reach our ICBM silos, nuclear submarine harbors and
NORAD nuclear bomber bases during the first strike. Is ten minutes enough time to pass this critical
message up the chain of command to the President of the United States? If the launch codes for our
nuclear weapons are not issued, then they will be destroyed; “use them or lose them.”

We have nuclear submarines scattered throughout the world to launch our own strike? China halted
shipments of military components that could be a threat to their own troops. We now have over 40% of
our nuclear submarines awaiting repairs instead of the usual 20% or less.

Domestic “Doomsday Planes” have been conducting drills for the evacuation of VIPs to their bunkers.
Doomsday Planes for nuclear command and control have been airborne 24/7 for many months, and
nuclear bombers are scattered throughout Europe and the UK. Alliances have been established among

countries. Sides are being chosen, and demarcation lines are being set. The stage has been set for nuclear
conflict, and the leaders of both Russia and NATO are openly referring to World War III as the present
global situation.

What are you doing to prepare for the inevitable? Your government will do nothing for you. We are all left
to fend for ourselves.

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