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By The Freedom Writer – August 16, 2021

Throughout all of our lives and this country’s existence, there will never be another moment in American history, when the central role of the once upon a time trusted, education system, which was designed to academically prepare our youth to lead this country; betrayed our kids, locked us out and eclipsed into a fascist, gulag check-point for the Center of Disease Control. 

You may ask, how did this happen? If you have been paying attention, then you would know that these kind of global crises, don’t just happen overnight. Nothing of this magnitude does.  The Aristocracies of power have been plotting a centralized control of the world for almost 75 years. For decades, this has all been accomplished methodically and surreptitiously supported by world leaders, interwoven charitable organizations and funded by 100s of billions of taxpayer dollars. These secret meetings are held in faraway places in dark old castles, once a year known as the Bilderberg Meetings. These have been going on since 1954. All of these elitists who are part of this Members Only society, are all related in some way or another, either through bloodline lineage or marriage.  It’s one big incestuous family of idolatry of money, power and world domination. These Godless entities live in a different dimension, than the rest of the world.  They are grounded in their worldly power because they worship Satan.  This is nothing new. Nothing is new under the sun.

The battle between good and evil is always the same. It is a vicious cycle which takes hundreds, maybe thousands of years for civilizations to rise in spiritual clarity and transform into the nature of Christ, then slowly fall and erode into a Godless, quagmire of gluttonous heathens. Sadly, we are in the latter. That is the nature of mankind. We are sinners. Jesus knows this. However, when the righteous recognize the erosion of spiritual solidarity and the destruction of Christian civilizations are manifesting, God instructs his disciples to obey every commandment and to occupy the land promised to us.  Followers of Jesus walk by faith, not by sight; but when the degradation of mankind becomes so blatantly obvious, whereby the doubters even start to realize something is inherently wrong with our quality of life, it is the duty of the righteous to spearhead the people from the broken camp and carry the ark. During Jesus’ time and leading up to his Crucifixion, it was Rome, a Godless empire that occupied Jerusalem. The country had fallen away from God and solely relied on Man’s wisdom and wealth to determine their morality. How could this humble man know the Truth and the Light? What did Jesus exercise and demonstrate to his people? In that moment in history, he solitarily showed peaceful Noncompliance to a tyrannical regime. It only took ONE man and a small group of faithful Jewish men and women from the peasant class to spread Christianity to billions of people across the world.  

Covid is just one of Satan’s deceptions; while the U.S Department of Education is just one of the many tentacles in our corrupt system that has been occupied by Godless, wayward elites.  What once was originally created to promote academic excellence and scholars by our Founding Fathers, are now used as hubs to control, indoctrinate and subvert God’s children into dehumanized, soulless soldiers. If our children are not saved by their parents from this demonic agenda to confiscate their souls to carry out Satan’s plot to install a Global Totalitarian System, America will fall like the Roman Empire. The public school system isn’t hiding their demonic agenda. Even the most apathetic individual can see they are coming after our kids. Government is engaging in massive overreach to the destruction of our Unalienable Rights. It started in the schools. First it was removing GOD, real U.S. History – written by real historians, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers; following the insertion of Common Core, California Healthy Youth Act and CRT.  Let’s fast forward to Covid, the schools have evolved into an authoritarian, pseudo Health Department that wants to override your Parental Rights and Authority and dictate your Child’s medical choices through enforcing Masks, Covid Testing and Positive Test Quarantining! They no longer serve their original purpose, which is to educate. This is Tyranny. My question to you as a parent is… How much more danger, perversion, abuse, control and social engineering of compliance to oppression are you going to purvey? Your children are VOICELESS. They rely on you to protect them from danger and the evils of this world. The school system is a predator.  Every person created in the image of God has within them a spirit of Liberty given to them by God. When are you going stand up and protect their innocence and spirit?

The school system or any governing body does NOT have authority over your Constitutional Rights. The moment is NOW. Not tomorrow. Not next week. It is now that we must cross from this old paganistic matrix and slavery, to the FREEDOM of a new world controlled by We the People.  America was built on the fundamental principles of the NATURAL RIGHTS OF MAN. You have an individual right to DEFEND your LIFE, LIBERTY and your PROPERTY.  If you no longer have that INDIVIDUAL right to secure your own LIFE, LIBERTY and your PROPERTY and your CHILDREN’S RIGHTS, then you become a SLAVE. It is our Posterity to fight and defend our Liberties that God our Creator ordained to us. It isn’t given to us by an authority or government entity. God created Man.  Society created Government. Protecting your children is the most significant and important duty in your life. And if it means sacrificing everything you’ve known or have to protect them from losing their Unalienable Rights, then it must be done, or their Liberty dies with you. Elevate to a higher level of personal accountability and responsibility. Do not complain. Keep them under your wing and educate them about God’s teachings and America’s founding and family principles. We are in a defining moment in our country to Cross the River Jordan and transform into the nature of Christ and to guide our Children through the Exodus. Remember, it’s a one way crossing. We can never go back.



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