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By Kevin Kiley -August 25, 2023

One reason I ran for Congress was to sound a warning to the nation against the spread of California’s political insanity. But a larger reason was to restore some sanity in California itself.

So, with Newsom AWOL as to the secret Chinese bio lab, I requested a House investigation. Yesterday, that request was granted; we are going to get answers.

In another win, we just got Newsom & Co. to back down from muzzling two Stanford professors in a lawsuit over his school shutdowns. They will now testify for the students. Thanks to everyone who spoke out against this chilling abuse of power.

Our goal, at all turns, is both to expose Newsom and to counteract his failures. For instance, on crime, this means highlighting his disasters – as in this hearing clip detailing California’s crazy criminal laws – while also taking action, sponsoring two bills to tackle retail theft.

Similarly, when we got Secretary Mayorkas of all people to criticize the Sanctuary State, it was certainly humiliating for Newsom. But more importantly, it’s now increasingly possible my bill to end the Sanctuary State will pass.

Yet admittedly, stamping out insanity can be a game of whack-a-mole. While we did shame Newsom into ending drought restrictions – using shocking footage of water cascading towards the ocean – the Assembly just passed a “permanent ban” on watering grass at businesses.

Gas prices, meanwhile, are again soaring. I’d advise the Supermajority to remember what happened last year after they rejected my gas tax suspension bill: We won our race, ending the Pelosi Speakership, while two Democrats who voted against the bill lost key congressional races.

To see why they lost, even though they were favored, just watch this brutal ad. We will always fight for policy that serves the public good – but when that fails, we’ll bring accountability to those who do the public harm.

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