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Submitted by Live Action – November 14, 2017 – Under a 1993 law, abortion providers are allowed to transfer fetal tissue at cost, but are not allowed to do so at a profit.

Planned Parenthood has provided more than 30,000 documents plus witnesses to congressional probes. And, according to The’s article by John Solomon dated November 13, 2017, the FBI has asked the Senate for unredacted documents from abortion providers.

Statements from Lila Rose, president and founder of national pro-life organization Live Action, “Nearly a year ago, the Senate presented overwhelming evidence that Planned Parenthood deliberately turned a blind eye when its affiliates violated its own policies about trafficking in the body parts of aborted children. Despite that evidence and the fact that Planned Parenthood’s own lawyers admitted they couldn’t legally justify the money the abortion chain charged for the body parts, politics won over principle, and the Obama administration decided to bury the criminal investigation.

“The facts are, Planned Parenthood took money for harvesting baby body parts and its partners charged hundreds of dollars each for arms, lungs, brains, and eyes, potentially making thousands of dollars on a single aborted child.

“We applaud any action taken to follow the evidence where it leads and to hold Planned Parenthood accountable. The only thing that could hinder this investigation from leading to indictments of Planned Parenthood and the companies involved in the sale of baby body parts is politics.

“I thank Chairman Grassley for his persistence in pushing for the criminal investigation to move forward. These innocent children – sold piecemeal for profit – deserve justice.

“Steps to investigate abortion chain Planned Parenthood are good — but complete justice cannot be achieved until every abortion facility is shut down. This scandal shows us the inhumanity that results when human life is so devalued. We must continue working toward the day when every child is protected from the brutal violence of abortion.”

On other news:  Live Action is currently engaged in a legal dispute with Twitter as the social media giant is suppressing pro-life content by unfairly applying its advertising policy to block Live Action’s ads, while allowing groups like Planned Parenthood to advertise without restriction.


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