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By The Matt Walsh Report – August 12, 2022

Another week in Leftist America. Another week of breaking everything.

Starting with our trust – or whatever remains of it. 

On Monday, agents with the FBI raided the Florida home of former president Donald Trump. 

What were they looking for? Well, the New York Times, passing along the regime-approved version of events, says that the FBI conducted this operation in order to recover classified material that Trump had brought with him to Mar-a-Lago, his private club and residence, after he left the White House.

So the Federal Bureau of Investigation took the historically unprecedented, absolutely unheard of, mind-boggling step of raiding the home of a former United States President — all on behalf of the National Archives. Leaving aside the fact that other very prominent former White House officials — Hillary Clinton comes to mind — have been caught up in scandals involving their handling of classified material and yet never been raided by the FBI as a result. This explanation makes no sense for the simple fact that Donald Trump, as president, could declassify literally any document he wanted, whenever he wanted. Does this mean Joe Biden re-classifed the documents and then promptly had sent the feds to raid his predecessor’s home on that pretext? Perhaps. But the operative word here is “pretext.” This, of course, has nothing to do with the National Archives or classified documents. This raid is two things: One, a fishing expedition in hopes of turning up something a bit more explosive than an alleged potential violation of the Presidential Record Acts, and two, a shot across the bow, an exercise of might, an act of political warfare. It is also a statement — an announcement that we live now in a third world banana republic. 

The FBI — along with all of our federal law enforcement agencies, along with the entire DOJ — has long since been ideologically captured by the Left. All the complaints about “double standards” come back to this. No, the DOJ won’t do anything about Democrat corruption, it won’t do anything about Hillary Clinton, it won’t even take a second glance at the current president’s crack-addled son. It certainly won’t prosecute any of the people in Epstein’s little black book.

But this goes far beyond the Department of Justice. The fact is that all of our institutions are being held hostage by the Left. They are all being eaten alive from the inside by the same disease. Every institution from academia to the medical industry and everything in between. One cannot help but take note of the timing of this raid. It comes only a day after the Democrats passed a bill which will see the IRS doubled in size with 87,000 new agents hired. If there was ever any question about what this new fleet of tax goons will be doing, those questions ought to be answered now. They will be focused — just as they were under Obama — on tracking, harassing, pilfering, and plundering from the enemies of the Regime, and from the Middle Class generally — which the Regime considers its enemy. This, again, is how every institution operates. They all have their guns — whether literal or figurative or both — pointed in the same direction. Pointed at us. 

5 thoughts on “FBI Raid on Trump”
  1. In Biden’s “New America,” Donald J. Trump and his family are lucky that they were simply targeted for additional FBI harassment. A recent poll indicated that 44% of Democrat men under 50 years of age supported the assassination of politicians who “are harming our country or democracy.” Considering the partisan inflammatory rhetoric of the televised January 6th Commission kangaroo court, the entire Trump family are lucky to have escaped death. If given enough time, and careful psychological programming by mainstream media to garner more support for a broad political purge, this oversight of “Executive Action” will probably be remedied. In the near future, we in America will see the same political and ethnic genocide visited upon Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China, and Khmer Rouge Cambodia. Once they take away our our firearms and primary means of self-defense, there will be nothing stopping them!

    1. Compare that to a recent poll indicated that 95% of Republican men under 50 years of age supported the assassination of politicians who “are harming our country or democracy.”

      1. As per usual, another inflammatory remark with no substance to back it.

        Where exactly are you getting this poll data? Who conducted the polls? Where? Who participated?

        Steel head. Limp wrist.

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