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By Life Site News – September 26, 2022

It has been a whirlwind day here at LifeSiteNews. Our story on the despicable FBI raid of the home of pro-life activist Mark Houck reveals a disturbing level of contempt that corrupt officials in Washington DC have for ordinary American citizens. Not only was this raid an unjust attack on a humble, Christian man, it was carried out in front of his wife and seven children. Only a monster would order such a thing.

It’s for good reason that our reporting on this shocking development went viral today. LifeSite was, as is often the case, the first to expose this criminal act perpetrated by the Deep State last week when the story broke. Over the weekend, dozens of conservatives on social media shared our story. Today, the entire news cycle was dominated by it. LifeSite was referenced by many media outlets, including Fox News and many others. This is the power LifeSite can have in this war for life, family, and culture.

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I cannot understate the important role LifeSite played in driving the news today. If you haven’t seen it yet, Brian Middleton, the spokesperson for Mark Houck and his family, appeared on the John-Henry Westen show today to discuss what truly happened. This was an exclusive interview that you will not find anywhere else. Click here to watch.

LifeSite will continue to provide updates on this developing, international news story as they unfold. In the meantime, be sure to chip in with a donation by clicking here as we near the end of our Fall campaign fundraiser. There are only 5 days left before the end of our campaign. Will you help make more LifeSite stories continue to go viral? We simply cannot do this without you.

One thought on “FBI Raids Home of pro-life activist Mark Houck ”
  1. New York Pro-Life Clinic “CompassCare Pregnancy Services” was firebombed in June of 2022, and was only one of 70 recent attacks by “Jane’s Revenge” a pro-abortion terrorist group sanctioned by the Democrat Party. Reverend James Hardin naively gave video surveillance of the assailant to police, who promptly gave it to the FBI. No effort has been made to find the perpetrator of the firebombing. Reverend Hardin has sued the FBI for the return of the recordings, and the FBI is doggedly refusing to comply. The FBI claims that the incendiary footage might incite retaliation from dangerous MAGA terrorists.

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