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September 29, 2022

This is why we can’t support Gain Newsom in his bid for re-election as Governor:

This is what we have to show for the last 4 years under Newsom.

• Out of control gas prices

• Nearly the poorest education rates in the U.S.

• The highest crime rates in decades

• The highest poverty rate in the nation

• Planned electrical outages and water rationing (and more on the way this summer)

• A mass exodus of businesses and jobs

All of these devastating issues could have been avoided by policy changes. Policy changes that

Brian Dahle will make as governor because he’s fighting against the madness, to save Californians from living under these conditions.

But he needs your help.

Please consider donating $3, $5, or $10–No amount is too small!!


Here’s his pledge to you:

• If you’ll help, I promise I will work tirelessly to fix our education crisis by putting parents back in the driver seat.

• If you’ll help, I promise to implement economic policies that raise Californians out of poverty and preserve the California Dream.

• If you’ll help, I promise to support the rule of law, and you’ll see the crime rates go down, not up.

•If you’ll help, I promise to do everything in my power to make California affordable again.

And his voting record supports it – so you know you can trust him to follow through.

But none of this will be possible if they don’t reach their fundraising goals.

Can you help out?

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