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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – October 19, 2022

EYE ON DEL NORTE has learned the City of Crescent City has prevailed in Del Norte Superior Court for the successful appointment of Court Receiver on the dilapidated Seaside Medical Building located at 200 A St.

Judge Darren McElfresh has appointed attorney Richardson Griswold of Encinitas to submit a plan mitigating abatement of this long-standing eyesore.

The vacant building is in violation of several California health Code laws and has been declared a nuisance.

The owners of the property, Lawn Chair Investments, LLC, Julia Yim principal has owned this property since February of 2019.

With this Court Action and Receiver intervention and control, alas, the Crescent City can expect positive action, expeditiously.

May I be the first to congratulate and recognize the City of Crescent City and the countless individuals responsible for this event?

2 thoughts on “Finally Huge Mess To Be Cleaned Up”
  1. It’s not the only one…the meth and heroin users are just moving on in like they are privileged to just about vacant home in the county. Those people need to be forced out of these vacant homes. There is one on the upper end of ” K” street that is really nasty and has major traffic 24/7. The entirety of the neighborhood has filed endless complaints and nothing gets done. The rat population has exploded and they have no toilet…. it’s just disgusting.

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