Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

By Roger Gitlin – June 15 2021

The vote on the Crescent Fire Protection District (CFPD) was conducted by County Clerk Registrar of Voter Allisia Northrup, this morning. In a somewhat complicated weighted voting system, the vote failed on a 50% NO to 49.99 % YES.

The minimum $98 assessments will NOT appear on your tax bill if you reside within the boundaries of the CFPD. The sunset on the current Assessment will drop to $18.

There is no question or dispute the people have spoken. Those predicting doom and gloom IF the fire tax did not pass, go back and do this assessment the correct way and stop frightening people. To the CFPD, you have grossly underestimated the folks you serve. You should ALL resign. Please no more excuses how it is too difficult to charge individuals who call 9 1 1, and bill one’s insurance companies.

And to the multi-residential property owners who were granted favored status on your properties with maximum $1000 individual assessments, do not put this tax burden on the backs of a beleaguered public. Shameful and self-serving behavior.


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