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Opinion Piece By Branden Bieber – October 5, 2021

The road to Hell was paved with “Good” intentions…

For the financial losses incurred by private, city, and county services in Del Norte County at the recommendation of the County Health Officer, Dr. Stutz is complacent in establishing and creating hostile work environments, decreased gross profits (decrease in tax revenue), and additional incurred costs in our schools, places of business, and government.  The impact of this flu will have long lasting ramifications on our community and country.  These ramifications are not in the number of people that have died sick, but the social, political, and medical injustices being forced on “US” the people of this Great Nation. 

The loss of life is tragic, but it is one of the rare guarantees of life. The death rate during this current flu period is no different than the years previous to the flu.  We should not judge lightly the recommendations of the publicly paid Dr. Stutz.  He has promoted this Covid hysteria and should be removed from his position and his salary suspended immediately.  We need a Public Health Officer who has our community’s health and welfare a TOP priority, not a speaker box for big pharma. 

Dr. Stutz is not alone in his ignorance.  How have we allowed pharmaceutical companies to control the morality of our country? (Yeah, GET THE VACCINE!)  Have we forgotten the endless litigations resulting in the hundreds of billions of dollars in settlements these companies have paid?  The adverse effects of their products have knowingly been causing health risks while they suppress the data for the sake of the Almighty Dollar. 

Supposedly, this strain of flu is killing .0017 of our population.  That is less than the “margin of error” in any typical data collection.  What we don’t know are the long term effects of wearing a mask all day, or the effects of the vaccine on the human body, reproduction, still birth’s,  autism, or one of the many other side effects experimental medications can cause.  Mr. Stutz contracted with the county to keep our community healthy; instead his consultation has crippled our economy and tramples on our Constitutional Rights.  Dr. Stutz has promoted mandated testing of city staff.  Were they testing them or infecting them?  If this flu is so contagious, recommending sick and healthy people to test in the same communal space is a dereliction of his responsibilities.

Our medical professionals should be recognized for their hard work and dedication during the last two years.  Thank You.  Medical advancement and technology is accelerating faster than ever, and a person’s life expectancy will continue to increase.  There should be a trust between medical providers and the patient, we appreciate you and need you.  Dr. Stutz has neglected his responsibility to the community and his profession of healing, by blindly pushing the emergency vaccine, keeping our county shut down, imposing capacity requirements, and enforced masking is having medical and economical consequences greater than the results of this flu itself.  

It is high time to hold this doctor accountable.  Dr. Stutz is a publicly, paid Health Officer, who is intentionally recommending medical guidance without knowing the long term consequences, all the while these ‘recommendations’ unlawfully infringe upon our Constitutional rights. Seems pretty obvious these are legitimate grounds for Firing Stutz.

6 thoughts on “Fire Stutz”
  1. This fraudster is being considered to be hired again by the County of Del Norte. This communist should be locked up and jailed before being considered for more employment. He is solely responsible for the economic decline, child abuse, elder abuse, and several statistical increases in poverty, suicide, homelessness, and the Health Care Industry’s inability to provide adequate services. Do not re-HIRE, Dr. DEATH!

  2. Thankfully, the politically motivated Government imposed Covid Emergency is over.
    Unfortunately, the new salaries and programs that were justified during the Emergency are here to stay.
    It’s time to progress to an honest American Pledge of Allegiance to say:
    “I pledge allegiance to the Government, of the United States of America, and to the State Government for which it stands, one Nation under God, divided, with social services and Local Government for all.”

  3. Firing Stutz would be a good start for the County to show some resemblance of Accountability. If the County annulled the position, they could allocate almost $1,800/yr to the Salaries of all Sherriff’s Department Employees. Things that make you go HHHMMMMM!

  4. Fire him? Not good enough.

    We must create a clear disincentive for this sort of behavior and abuse from future officials and politicians.

    In an ideal world, the community would rally, drag the man from his house, hogtie then tar-and-feather him, escort him to the county border and unceremoniously roll him out the back of a truck.

    Finally in this ideal world, he would be branded (literally, with a hot iron), somewhere quite visible as a traitor, and a bounty should be placed on his head within the county.

    Thus, the acknowledgment of his crimes against the people will always be evident and impossible to conceal should he ever attempt to hold any office or issue mandates to anyone in the future. Meanwhile the bounty upon him would ensure he would never enter the county again, lest he become fair game to any conscientious citizen looking to make a buck.

  5. I agree–Stutz should be fired immediately.

    No public official, especially unelected officials, should ever have this level of power.

    The people of this community need to come together and take steps to permenantly limit the power of local health officials, and the bottom-line powers of municipal directors and county supervisors.

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